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Juan Rivera
Miniera (PE2K)
Off-Coast of Northmarch Island
Affected RPers: narphoenix

Having questioned Solomon about his ship and self, the Starmie began to elaborate a bit further regarding his intentions.

"I'm EVERYONE'S friend! I came from the S.S. Ship, and I came to say.............................HI!", Juan heard telepathically, before the names of the vessel Solomon was with were lit up in flames that flashed in the air. Juan could read Unown runes, but Solomon had taken care to spell out the ship names in footprint as well.

"Hm, I see. The S.S. Ship. If I'm correct that is a private vessel being manned by the Skythunder Blades. I had heard your group would be in the area, and it is quite the pleasure to meet another Minieran out in these waters.", was Juan's response. The vessel's was familiar to him, and he immediately recognized it as one belonging to the Skythunder Blades. Their leader, whose name Juan could never pronounce correctly, was Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th. Juan knew of him because his father had met Ernx's father years ago, though Juan had never met him or his son. He had heard tell of Ernx selling off his whole fortune to buy up two vessels for the voyage. Other than that, Juan knew little else.

"Anyway, friend, what's your name, and this ship's?", Solomon asked next, beginning his own line of questioning.

"My name is Juan Rivera, and we are aboard the S.S. Hurricane. We are saling in service of the Minieran crown to rid Kibou of Nomade invaders", Juan began, realizing this as an opportunity to find willing collaborators.

"We are dropping some of our group off at Northmarch Island to set up a base, then heading south to Prophet. If you would are doing the same, perhaps we could coordinate with one another and see if we can sail together. There is strength in numbers, and in this hostile waters, we will need it. With your telepathy, I was also hoping you could act as a liaison between your group and ours", Juan finished, hoping the privateer group would take the offer. Juan's caravel was a small ship compensating with only an intimidating name, and though it was bristling with cannon, it wouldn't last long against some of the larger vessels sailing in this area.

As Juan communicated this, Solomon had taken to making a display of his proficiency in the skills all Minierans possess. Continuing is spirals in the water, Solomon began to make displays of fire in the air. All of this actually impressed Juan, the acrobatic feat certainly something Juan wasn't capable of.

"Sir, we are close enough to begin the landing", a call suddenly came, interrupting Juan and returning his attention back to his own affairs.

"Lift the sails, drop anchor and prepare to lower the landing vessels", Juan replied, beginning to turn his attention to other matters. The crew immediately went to work, scrambling to bring the ship to a halt. Once they had done this, the anchor was lowered into the water slowly, before satisfying hitting the ocean's bottom. Juan watched as the those who would set up on the island were lowered into the water beside the Hurricane, and once this was done, as they untied the ropes. Some began to row, while others clutched their weapons. As they moved away from the caravel, Juan prayed to Arceus that they would not suffer misfortunes while he was away.

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