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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Klaus and Damon won't be able to enter the house though, right?" Kotomi broke the silence, bringing everyoneís attention to her. "Remember after they left town Bonnie, Diana and Jeremy signed the legal papers stating that they owned this house as well so unwanted Vampires couldn't enter?"

"They won't be able to get in, but that doesn't stop them from using rocks outside as bullets..." Ashley responded, and Ichiru unknowingly tightened his grip around her at the thought.

"How far do you think he'll go?" Kotomi asked, and Aiden wrapped his arms around her as well when seeing the tears that threatened to fall.

"From what we've heard about Damon snapping Mason's neck, I think the Damon we knew is gone." As much as it hurt to hear, Aiden and Ichiru knew that Ashley was probably right. Aiden hadnít known Damon nearly as long as the rest of the group, but he could still imagine the pain they must have felt because of the situation. Even Ichiru, who normally didnít show worry from what Aiden had seen over the past eight months, appeared obviously worried about the situation. He just hoped there was something they could do to put and end to all of this - and quickly.

Upon arriving at the Mystic Grill, Kiseki instantly noticed Masonís body on the floor. Diana still knelt by his side, and Elijah and Meredith were looking out the windows for Damon and Klaus. Kiseki felt himself go numb when he saw Masonís body; he hadnít doubted the truth about what Damon had done, but actually seeing it was a different story. He still couldnít accept that the Damon he had known for nineteen years now could have done this.

"When do you think he'll wake up?" He heard Kevin ask as the rest of the group joined Meredith and Elijah at the windows.

"Probably sooner since he was killed with Klaus' blood in him." Elijah responded.

"I just can't believe that Damon actually snapped Mason's neck..." Diana spoke the words currently going through Kisekiís mind as Kevin knelt down beside her.

"What happened to your necklace?" Stefan asked, and it was only then that the dark haired teen noticed that the diamond rose necklace that Damon had given Diana for her birthday was gone.

"Damon crushed it."

"I'm sorry..."

"It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters right now is if Mason is going to be okay." Diana responded with a shake of her head.

"Mason is going to be fine." Kevin said, to which the brunette nodded. Kiseki tore his gaze away from the ginger and joined Caroline at the windows. It wasnít until fifteen minutes later that he heard a gasp of air, which brought him to turn around and look at Mason, who was now sitting up.

"What happened?" He asked in shock as he looked around him.

"Mason... you died with Klaus' blood in your system." Caroline told him.

"This is your choice, Mase. Do you want to complete the transition?" Diana asked.

"I... I have to, don't I..." Mason gave a nod after a few moments, and Diana brought the blade of the knife in her hands to her right wrist and sliced open the vein.

"It's going to be okay." She offered him her arm, and after giving her a kiss, Mason gently grabbed her wrist and slowly lifted it to his lips to take a sip of her blood. Kiseki felt his own fangs trying to pierce his gums, although he had no problem at all controlling himself now.

"Mason!" Meredith said in shock after the Hybrid began to drink more heavily. She started to pull him off of Diana, but the young Witch shook her head in response.

"He needs to stop on his own." She looked back down to Mason, the two of them locking eyes for a few moments before Masonís drinking began to slow. Only moments later, he stopped, releasing Dianaís arm and looking up at her. He reached over to gently stroke her cheek with his thumb as his face went back to normal and apologized sincerely, which made Kiseki relax. When he had seen Masonís eyes, he had gotten nervous and had begun to worry about Diana, since it hadnít looked like he was going to stop.

"It's fine." Diana responded with a small smile as Elijah walked over and healed her wound.

"I know that we don't have a choice, but I really don't want you giving your blood to Klaus..." Mason said, and a confused expression crossed Kisekiís face.

"It's either me or the children. I have to do it..." Dianaís words made Kiseki look at her in shock. Ichiru and Ashley certainly wouldnít be happy to hear about thisÖ

"We should all go back to the house where we'll be more protected." Isobel said, the two nodding in response as they stood up.

After cleaning up the Grill and returning to the house, Mason had to be invited inside by Diana due to being half Vampire now. Aiden normally would have made some sort of joke about the situation, but somehow everything seemed to serious for that right now.

"Are you okay?" Ashley hurried to Masonís side and Ichiru stood beside Kiseki, silently questioning the worry in his brotherís expression. However, he had already figured out upon the group returning that Mason was a Hybrid now, since he hadnít been able to come inside. He didnít know about Klausí plan, though, which was the real cause for Kisekiís worry.

However, he didnít bother asking the younger twin about what had happened, for shortly after Mason responded to Ashley, both of them were distracted by the same presence they had felt before. They glanced at each other, confirming that both of them felt it just before Kol spoke up.

"They're here."

Aiden and Ichiru seemed to instantly become defensive, while Kiseki had no outward reaction, which was rare for him. They knew that the two couldnít come inside because of Bonnie and Jeremy being owners of the house now, but they also knew that it wouldnít stop them from finding other means of harming the group.
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