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Default Re: Building: Pollution Theme Team

A minor update: the first drilbur I caught (I had a speedrun I did during my last hols, will use this game card from now on) had an Adamant nature so I decided not to waste time breeding for IVs. So far I've been EV training and it's at about LV30+ with some ATK EVs and a smidgen of Speed EVs.

So, right now training outside Dragonspiral Tower with a LV80+ Emboar and a LV50+ Lucario, while he holds an Exp Share. So this team shall be my first post-game objective!

P.S.: Can anyone trade/spare me some mons? I would appreciate having a Koffing and Torkoal. A Whismur too, cause my White Forest NPCs all left :<

EDIT: I'm still wondering about Muk and Ampharos. Thematically great, but they're both prone to Ground and the current roster is already very weak to Ground.

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