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Default Re: Building: Pollution Theme Team

swampert is not a pollution pokemon, its like a mudfish and lives in naturally unpure water, its all natural, while muk truly represents water pollution
Actually, Muk is toxic sludge or waste, not actually water pollution. They're just toxic enough to contaminate a whole lot of it.

protip: why not go full speed with excadrill, you may be able to KO some ground or psychic type pokemon with its horn drill, and if you fail, excadrill is immune to ground, so you will survive a ground type attack and its resistant to psychic.
What are you talking about ._.

Excadrill is a Steel/Ground poke, it's also weak to Ground (but you're right it is resistant to Psychic) As for the Horn Drill suggestion, one-hit KO moves are frowned upon by the community and I prefer not to use them either. I've decided on taking EQ, Rock Throw and Swords Dance, but I dunno what to put in the last slot.

Also, I just realized the one I'm EV training currently has Sand Force not Sand Rush T^T. So I'll have to start breeding for a new one. But I still want an Adamant one.

Also, thanks for the support everybody. I've rarely posted on PE2K and it's nice to be surrounded by people here :D
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