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Default Re: Cartoon Network on the decline

Alright but look I can't requote all that thats a lot but, 2D or 3D that show is crap about gumballs come on man you can better than that man. You rather just make a show about talking electronics. Alright but the thing was they gave up all there looney tunes that was something they should have kepted or they could have kepted a little bit of it at least like come on. As far as creativity I kind meant it been like what am I looking for here its been like really dumbed down. Like it seems like there idea's are just drawning up pieces pf crap no disrespect. Like the just crumble up a piece paper and theres a cartoon character. Like it seems like now and people bare with me on this one it seems like they don't put as much work to as they use to. Toonami is coming on Adult Swim for now they need to give Toonami there hours back with all due respect because Toonami got tons a of views and honestly Cartoon network disrespected them by taking them off the air for there crap. Honestly they have helped adult swim out more than themselves giving adult swim extra hours and stuff. Im not going to talk about Disney because I never liked and never watched it but, as far as the toys thing they would have to do that no matter what. Honestly you are right about it being about money but honestly I don't think there getting as much money as they where before and honestly I don't like any of the shows they have up really. Anyone else still in on this debate
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