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Default Re: .:The Pe2k PokeMafia:. [Open]

Originally Posted by 5TailedDemonLizard View Post
Sealboy, I swear, you should be the head of this little club XD

Well, summer was fun. I'm currently back to school so everything has gotten much tougher. Senior year and two AP courses for the first time. Oh boy.
But I'm crazy - if I was ze head, I would be transmitting weird things to the minds of the body, arms and legs (heehee, I tried to do a funny).

xD Nah, I just love the idea of this - fell in love with it when you and Grace were like "WE SHOULD TOTALLY DO THAT" on the interview xD

I start College on Thursday :3 Excited and nervous as it's my first year of College! New people :D

Awr, you'll pull through :3 After all, you have to - you're our Head Honchkrow :L


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