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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

...As in, who threw that wooden spike, anyways.

There were about sixty humans or Pokemorphs, with 1 Pokémon accompanying each and every one of them, making for a force of approximately 120. They clearly were outcasts from Crimit, taking refuge in the forests and becoming an allied faction: Their very appearances suggested this. What they (ALL-even the Pokemon) wore was a very natural substance, yet vastly different than what I would call 'natural,' considering that it all curved around their bodies to form armor and masks. A single symbol appeared on all of it: A vine grasping a crown. Perhaps they orchestrated this-explaining why there were four figures underground when there were only 3 knights with Bavaden when I looked with aura vision-the extra was from their side. I landed immediately, behind a small patch of roots that formed admirably good cover-none of which were from the raging trees behind me, of course. My Pokémon followed that suit as well. I took cover, fearing immediate retaliation for escaping the trap.

"You, hiding behind that root! I know you're alive! Come out, and we may spare your life!" Said one of the faction's members. Well, they weren't attacking by shooting arrows-and I saw bows-so I decided that compliance, for now, would be the best course of action. I stepped out, slowly, giving them no reason for alarm.

Upon closer inspection, it was apparent that the masks and armor they were was as if it was sculpted for their bodies to have on. It was skintight, so I could tell no differences in facial expression. They were covered in it everywhere, except where parts needed to move-there instead was a more flexible Moss. They all had a weapon, even the Pokémon.

"You, fellow...Outcast? Prisoner? What is your walk of life?" Said the man at the front, the leader, judging from the fact that it looked more careful and less rugged in its design.

"None of your concern." I replied bluntly. I wasn’t aligning myself with MORE factions, especially those strictly local to the planet.

The leader obviously didn't like my unwillingness to answer his question. He approached me, despite not drawling arms. "You, so young to be imprisoned by Crimit's forces and used against your fellows! What injustice is this! Arceus forbid this!" He shouted. The small army behind him seemed to agree, based on the small wave of chatter, and they got slightly more mobile. "This is-"

"Mate." I said, managing to shut him up before the speech about all the s**t Crimit did came. Quite frankly, I didn't care. I hated his guts, but was Bavaden's death any concern of mine? No. Just leaving the forest and finding what I could now identify as some sort of familiarity. Bavaden’s only purpose was keeping Blizzard in line with the threat of Anti-Volteer chains.

"...Yes?" The leader said, with a hint of danger in his voice. At this point, he was in range of having a sword shoved through him. Yes, he was stupid.

"I am not caring." I stated as I shoved the Black Illicit Blessing-AKA the newly pronounced Bleak Truth-into his chest with enough force to pierce the armor and kill him.

"Cue the warzone," I thought to myself. It clearly looked that way: The surrounding potential Volteers and their Pokémon realized what happened after I was done shoving my sword into the gut of the man, which tipped them off to start drawing weapons and/or use moves to buff up their current status. Particuarily, the front-row archers and their support looked particuarily tense. However, they didn't immediately fire, which confused me. Everyone else I met knew that if I killed SOMEONE, it was time to start fighting back. COMMON SENSE, FOLKS. I advocate that.

"Well, now we realize why our lady wanted you dead! Half-brainwashed, I assume?" Said another in the crowd. "We're giving you one last chance to come with us without us having to kill you. We outnumber you, and we're just as strong. You will be-"

These people were idiots. No doubt. Chivalry! Is! F***ing! Dead!

"Not interested." I said, now smirking. A pulse of Arbitarian Fire shot itself forward from my body at the end of my sentance, turning into a wall thereof aimed at the front row. Those not killed immediately were killed soon thereafter from the paralyzing pain and failure to move away. The archers that weren't up front fired their arrows-I rolled to the left and out of the way of the main volley, and the few strays that were off to the left just missed me. The warriors that went into the now-growing Arbitarian Fire were falling down on-contact with the terribly painful energy, as it continued to spread, though those few were the very stupid and very rare exceptions to the rest, who had the common sense to go around it. They got the message at this pont.

"Attack! He's hostile!" Said someone.

<"It took them THAT LONG to figure that out?!"> Issac said, starting to go into a fit of chuckles at the sheer stupidity of these people, as my Pokémon gathered around me, ready to start fighting.

The Arbitarian Fire I launched off was starting to cut off the others from reaching me, initially making a constant trickle of forces that were quickly dispatched by me and my Pokemon (namely Meta on the left side, or Scyez on the right), then turning into an outright wall they did not want to cross. Those that could jump over did, but it was either Scyez's Aura Sphere or Meta's Psychic that sent them backwards, discouraging second attempts if they lived. The fire also had the added effect of not being see-through, as the opposition couldn't see through to properly aim an arrow. Of course they tried, but their aim was badly off. Despite the huge numbers advantage the forces of the D**med forest had against me, if they didn’t find a way to fend off the Arbitarian Fire (or didn’t have someone on hand that could match me-and I was pretty sure that Blizzard wasn’t a part of the attackers and could do that), they’d screw over. Badly. I knew it. It was barely a fight at all at this point, and it was only a matter of when they'd actually retreat.

"Avalon, really?" Latries said. He usually didn't have this many complaints, but then again, half the time I was fighting Arbiters, who were as good as dead to me, were threatening my life, I was too pissed off for reason to work, or the people I met were dancing the line of irredeamability. "They're going to die in the worst way possible! That's torture!" He commented.

"Latries, for one, I had the energy to spare, and Arbitarian Fire is practical considering I absorbed a good deal of it earlier. They're not rushing headlong into it, so they're not going to do it willingly. I'm saving me and my Pokémon’s lives, d**mit! And if anything, they're willing to commit quite zealously to-"

"They haven't committed to anything you know of!" Latries barked back, as I narrowly dodged a lucky arrow shot that was aimed in my direction. "And also, is it MUCH to ask that you AVOID killing everyone you meet just because they-Uhh, Avalon?" He added, noticing the same thing I was. At the exact same time, of course.

I noticed it now, but this wasn't anticipated. At the same time though, it should have been VERY well anticipated, considering the previous trap and the encounter with the Serperior before then. The roots of the trees that escaped the burning thus far had moved far out the way of the Arbitarian Fire, and made a bridge straight over it, while those that did went under the bridge in an attempt to stop the burning. The bridge spanned the length that the flames once occupied, meaning the whole point was, for now, useless. Also, a thick vine wall-the spiky, poisonous kind Septim warned me of-had appeared behind me. It started curving, but apparently whoever was doing it was either exhausted from the prior stunt with the three trees or else was being contested by someone. Either way, the vines stopped growing, which was the good news, at the bare minimum. Nevertheless, the situation came from a simple and fairly manageable situation to an honestly challenging and potentially lethal one. Even an idiot knows that's not good, and considering the numbers advantage the opposition had, this wasn't fun at all.

Backed near a wall that could kill us if we so much as poked it, The only way to fight was to take them on close-quarters in such a manner that they'd be forced to back up and get us over the bridge, before whoever caused the vines to grow got a second wind. A Sitzkreig in this case would be VERY lethal. The Archers quickly realized that shooting me wasn't working so hot even without the fire ruining their aim (I was still sending back the arrowheads with a small-yet-strong flick of kinetic energy, making a small projectile that could harm nearly as good as any bullet). They swapped to an axe and went for close-quarters combat, just like everyone and everything else.

I took a step forward to get the intentions of our tactics across to my teammates and started slashing. Parry here, block there, get in through a hole in the defenses and slit a throat here, duck from an Energy Ball or another kind of ranged attack occasionally, they were easier than the usual assortment of foes I faced before, but not so easy that I would almost regret it a little as being slaughter. I guess I liked fighting. Latries, albeit not saying anything about that, responded to that thought by giving me that weird feeling in my head-not like it wasn't already screwed over royally. I had to remind myself not to use Psychic attacks through the battle, which would make disarming the rest so easy-like, take ALL their weapons and kill them with it with telekinesis. There were several weapons that were made of some kind of rock heavily akin to a metal which was unusable to my advantage otherwise-but anything made of metal, potentially indicating a slightly higher rank, was instantly abused-the wielder fatally wounded and those around him damaged. There weren't THAT many metal using-foes in comparison to the stone-wielding ones, however, so that was only useful as a small cut of their forces, as I could not maintain the focus on that long enough to do more damage. They also were competent enough to not lose all their forces in a few strokes of my blades. They had a very defensive-minded style, focused on blocking and parries to create surefire openings rather than risking less assured openings, but I was strong enough to prevent the latter, so getting a hit in was as hard as some of the tougher foes I've faced, but clearly these foes had almost no offensive in exchange-in essence, a guaranteed win without injury. It just took time...Again, there were quite a few of them as well (around 160, again, counting those that died immediately), meaning even though their forces weren't terribly many, they could hold on for a while. The elevation bonus they got from the root bridge didn't help matters, and I can tell you now that bridge was small in the distance it spanned, yet had a very steep slant-just enough to climb over and have a huge elevation advantage over. They kept us from advancing throughout the battle with those tactics, unfortunately...

Septim, this time, decided to hang back and use Heal Pulse like an Audino usually did, and I didn't look, but I would have assumed that anyone getting to the healer was thrown into the thorn wall. Occasionally, the lucky enemy got to the healing blast and cut it off from the true target (unto which case he would quickly be murdered by whoever was closest, upon the realization that there was someone behind us), but usually my Pokémon and I got the hits, allowing us to be more aggressive without fear of wounding ourselves. This clearly had a negative impact once that was fully known in the commotion. I could feel it, after several were downed-fear. Human, Pokémon, and Pokemorph alike, were starting to fear that, quite frankly, six Pokémon and what appeared to be a human were holding back a 160-strong attack force, all members thereof being armed. Especially since Scyez was involving her 'weapon' as much as possible.

"EXTRA! CRISPY! GRASS! EKANS! THINGY!" Scyez yelped, continuously during the encounter, even when she wasn't using her Serperior corpse as a weapon. Apparently, it was not a good whip at all, but it was heavy enough that its body provided an excellent bludgeoning weapon: that thing ramming against a foe's head was good enough for immediate unconsciousness. If not that, she'd hold her Serperior Corpse in one hand and use the other to just do things like rip off appendages and use said ripped-off appendages for beating other people's heads off, which she'd then use to slam into people's crotches, which gave her the opportunity to use her...Extra Crispy Grass Ekans Thingy.

That would be pure meme material, if not for the fact the Extra Crispy Grass Exans Thingy just so happened to be an Endangered Species.

Regardless of that...Well, the idiots facing us were actually starting to overwhelm us. Lesha was particularly prone to being overwhelmed, and left her position to team up with me on my shoulder, making the forces that attacked her divert attention to me. Ugh.

"For the Queen!" one shouted, one that immediately got crushed under Meta's foot-Meta seemed to be doing good with the sudden increase of directions he was being attacked from. They were all smaller than him, an unwise choice of personnel to take on something of that nature…

<"'For the Queen?' That does it, that Princess is responsible!"> Issac exclaimed, as I parried and Lesha fired a Signal Beam at someone's face.

<"You mean Natalie? Considering all Shaymin are female, then it could be a Shaymin as well..."> Karazin replied. That coincided with a severed head being flung from Scyez's direction (obviously by Scyez) to knock out a flyer that was trying to kill Film. Film was disgusted by it in the brief glimpse I caught of him.

<"It could be both, if Natalie is a Pokethrobe or a Pokemorph..."> Mario added. I noticed a Rhyperior and a Machamp (only identifying the correct species by the shape of their bodies) bringing up the rear end. The whole of the forces of the D**med Forest had gotten over the bridge, conveniently just before the Arbitarian Fire had risen high enough to start burning that.

<"A strong Volteer or Magic user could do it, as well...Feminine, of course, keeping with the fact that it’s a queen...That Rhyperior does not look friendly..."> Meta said, changing topic as the Rhyperior was advancing upon him. The very prospect of a ground-type attack was making him back up, towards the Poisonous thorns. Uh-oh.

"Someone save Meta's a**! And watch the fire!" I said, as the Arbitarian Fire suddenly sprang from its spot to rejoin my bodily energies once more. Along the way, it set several of the opponents right in front of me ablaze, and the hyper-painful fire quickly rendered the affected very much unconscious from the level of pain. I let them lie where they were. No need for mercy there. Latries separated himself from the rest of me more for that, causing more of that weird feeling I disliked.

Avoiding the remaining fires, I flicked part of some of the fires through the surrounding attacker's defenses (in case the bodies on the ground weren't dead), thereby clearing up the attackers that were assaulting me as they wailed in pain. The remainder cleared, I left Scyez to her doing (her Dark Pulses were doing an excellent job of keeping opposition at bay), and proceeded to help Meta.

Some foes tried flanking my backside-Lesha was apparently helping take care of that (though I still had to plunge my leg into their ribcages at high-speed occasionally), as I myself flanked foes that Vyraz was fighting. He wasn't very smart with his bodily movements, but it was still relatively new, the form of a Salamance, so that was mostly forgivable. Still, he knew that a large body like his could realistically throw things as larger than something human-sized around. That, and Fire Blast was very much powerful for a move when your foes wore armor of bark and moss...Supposedly. Apparently, for whatever d**med reason, they were fireproofed. I was sharing the same outright confusion you now obviously are all divulging in.

I got around him, and noticed Film, having taken out the vast majority of his foes. Being smaller and having an aerial advantage, and apparently getting over his scar (I DID NOT KNOW FOR SURE), sure did help when enemies were mostly defensive. The style of dodging and striking was mostly as defensive as the warriors, but the definitely-functioning eye was catching weak points the warriors did not realize. Henceforth, they were all knocked out...Not dead. Togekiss were not killers by nature. Not good in my book of survival.

All of that came in a split second's thought, as I then transitioned to assisting Meta. The forces that did not consist of anything taller than Meta were already dead-Perhaps because that they thought the head of a Metagross is any bit safe? Folks, it's just NOT safe. Regardless, the only thing that could realistically murder Meta was right in front of Meta, and boy, it looked angry.

"I SERVE THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!" Said Rhyperior yelled. Clearly, it was going to town with Meta's fear of it. I was about to intervene, but life had complications, as usual.

"HEY! LEMMEGOLEMMEGOLEMMEGO! You're not soft and comfy! YOU'RE NOT SOFT AND COMFY! MEANIE!!! LEMMEDOWNLEMMEDOWN!!!"I turned my head, and lo behold, with a small pile of corpses surrounding the whole scene (Scyez's work, most likely), a Machamp had Scyez raised above his head with two arms, and held the other two in that insulting gesture Hykidas locals liked to give a**holes. Septim was apparently not concerning himself with anything other than healing (especially not that Machamp), Film was busy distracting the Rhyperior (sensing my intentions and failing badly at actually damaging it) and Vyraz was, apparently, focusing all of his might in killing something that was obscured by his body, and he was dead-focused on this opponent that I couldn't see from my angle. Lesha would die immediately against a Rhyperior or a Machamp, so it was really just up to me. Figures. I briefly contemplated the possible choices-Save Meta now, risk Scyez's life, or vice-versa. I decided Scyez took priority, taking into the fact that Film was distracting the Rhyperior somewhat.

The Machamp was looking at me when I made the first step towards him, which was very, very bad. Two things about Machamp: First off, if it's holding something your weight, a Machamp can murder you with it. Second off, it does so by throwing it at ludicris speeds. Also noteworthy: Lucario have steel bones, yet they themselves are quite immune to the metal control of a Volteer for reasons yet to be determined. Needless to say, I did have a great stamina and physical endurance when compared to a normal human, but there was no way I was staying conscious when of all things, Scyez’s body hit. And it did. That Machamp, I envision, you will now and forever, and starting right now, adorn as 'Chuck Norris Junior.'

All I could remember was Scyez's body impacting with my ribcage and the sound of bones breaking, before my consciousness officially was off the radar. If there's any consolation, well, I'm writing my d**m autobiography, you know I am not dead.

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