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Default Re: Meloetta Invasion: Scavenger Hunt Pre-Event!

Trivia: Day One:
1) What is the name of the area where Meloetta learns her signature move?
2) Meloetta has two forms. Can you tell me the name of the form Meloetta changes into when using it's signature move?
3) What typing is Meloetta's second form?
4) Now tell me Meloetta's main form.
5) What is Meloetta's signature move?

Trivia: Day Two:
1) How did we come up with Meloetta for this Invasion?
2) Has there been a Meloetta event in the US?
3) Does any other Pokemon have the same typing as Meloetta's Pirouette form?
4) Name the move it can only learn as a Gen 5 Pokemon. (Other than Relic Song)
5) Which form allows it to sing beautiful songs?

EPIC EXTRA BONUS QUESTION: Meloetta looks like a certain Japanese singer. Could you tell me who it is? (This will replace a wrong answer and is optional. If you missed one, this will add one.)

Trivia: Day Three:
1) What is Meloetta's classification?
2) What level does Meloetta learn Perish Song?
3) What is it's National Dex number?
4) What Pokemon comes before Meloetta?
5) Which one comes after?

Remember to PM the answers to me!

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