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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

However, my relief was resumed when she charged from the crowd, flinging others aside, and tackled her rival from behind. He jerked away, slamming into the ground after a short ride through the air after she had flicked him off her front. “We were not finished!”

Removing my attention from the two brawling nearby, I looked ahead but couldn’t exactly make out what was happening with Tarla and the others, but within the instant, my attention had shifted to something of a much larger scale.

At first I wondered if one of the rhyhorn had used earthquake, but thought again, figuring that they would have to be really stupid to use it in a place such as this one, where the walls and roof could collapse. For a moment I thought it would make sense of the user was Jaskore. I thought that it must have been the case—until I witnessed the entire room express the similar confusion to what I was experiencing, and figured that the culprit must have been nobody in the room. Still, my scepticism and suspicion continued to rise as my body jittered in an undefined manner, watching as some of the geodude were carried across the floor a few steps before collecting themselves and trying to bounce off in a direction of their choice. It didn’t work, however, and it was soon clear that they were the ones affected most. It quickly worsened, the rumble beginning to vibrate at a rate that nearly threw the rhyhorn off balance. I felt my wound buzz with an uncomfortable sensation and cringed.

I continued to have no idea what was going on as the ceiling, piece by piece, began to shatter. Bits and pieces fell from above, the result sometimes small pebbles, and other times large boulders. It didn’t take long for the crowd to erupt with screams and calls, and they all began to separate into different tunnels on the other side of the room.

My heart was racing in my chest as I glanced frantically around, only able to see a shaky haze of stony grey and ochre. I tried to force myself to my paws, a rock wedging itself into the ground right beside me as I jumped, feeling the effects of the wound take hold as I blurted a reaction to the pain and began to limp across the room. A number of other pokémon were rumbling around, some of them charging past me to get through the entrance from which we came, disregarding me in the meantime and slamming my side, flinging me away. I ended on my back, and bellowed with pain as I rolled over and leapt back onto my paws, the thought of survival and care for my injury the only one on my mind.

Upon trying to search for a familiar face, namely Zaion, who had disappeared, a small rock struck my back leg. I ignored it, however, after catching sight of a lilac fuzz. It was racing toward me on four legs, and I realised that it was the granbull, his face determined as he came near enough for me to detect an expression. Once beside me, he hauled me over his shoulder and began to run toward a tunnel, his two legs horribly inefficient compared to how quickly he progressed on all-fours. I was rather surprised that the granbull had suddenly hauled me over his shoulder, but didn’t complain; I had no other way to escape so I was going to take what I was given.

The thought of us being crushed by plates from the ceiling, which were tumbling down faster than before, was absolutely petrifying, and I hardly noticed as debris clung to the rim of my wound, some slipping inside. Despite how hard the normal type was working, we didn’t make it before the ground nearby suddenly exploded with rocks, some striking the remaining rhyhorn nearby who were still struggling to escape. A gigantic figure emerged from the ground, but in the vibrations and storm of rocks, all I could see were giant blobs of silver. I could only determine that it was a steelix once it stopped as we tried to continue. A tail swiped over us and slammed into a wall, rock splitting and spraying overhead. I released a noise of panic and felt myself instinctively struggle against Derino’s grip, the fear in my mind building.

I realised we were headed directly toward the exit that Tarla and Azure had taken, who had I seen disappear while Derino had been on his way over to me, and wondered if they had just…disregarded me. Not only was it a matter of saving the injured, but it was also that they had neglected me as a companion, and more part of their colony. I under stood I was new, and perhaps that made me somewhat disposable, but there wasn’t even an acknowledging nod in my direction.

No matter how prevalent the thought attempted to be, it dissipated to nothing as the steelix threw a boulder in our way, completely obscuring the exit. I screamed in shock, scrambling down from the normal type while scratching his thick hide and slamming into the floor, not thinking as I tried to collect myself and immediately raced toward the nearest tunnel, which was also blocked off by a boulder.

“No!” I droned, feeling tears of fear and angst gathering faster than I could have registered. The wound in my side burned furiously, and if I had no accompanying reason in that moment, I would have stopped to tend to it. The pain of the agitated wound was excruciating and I knew I couldn’t stand it much longer. The sudden thought of failing to retain my consciousness and slipping back into a comatose-like state was newly overpowering, the shock of the thought driving me to push myself harder to ensure I was at least somewhat safer if it did happen.

The granbull, out of impulse, slammed into the side of the steelix, distracting the creature and his great bulk as I scampered across the floor, tearing at the ground to propel myself forward, my limbs aching with the sheer effort it took me to reach one or two of the tunnels not blocked by boulders this end of the room. Another rock tumbled down from above, bouncing off the wall and separating a pace away from me, fragments of the rock striking my face as I fled from it, escaping into a tunnel at the pressing demands of Derino, as he continued his attempt to hold off the attacker.

Immediately after my half tail disappeared through the entrance, another boulder slammed behind me. After thinking that was the end of it, my brain registered that the boulder was too small to jam the exit, and with the shock of horror and fear, I watched as it began to roll toward me. I screamed, dashing as best I could in my condition down the tunnel as the noise from the room slowly began to fade to nothing but silence. My legs kept racing and I was positive I was going to trip over my paws at the rate I was running when the boulder slammed to a stop once it hit a dip in the tunnel’s roof which enclosed the space too drastically for it to be able to fit through any longer.

Once I noticed it had stopped, I came to an instant halt and threw myself on the ground, my heart pounding, head drowning in thoughts and feelings, and wound hammering my side. I couldn’t understand how such a pain existed; it became my entire string of thoughts as I remained on my belly, groaning and tensing different muscles at once, as if that would somehow help to alleviate the pain. I came to realise that nothing would and felt myself constantly spit up blubbering cries, accompanying tears streaming down my fur and dropping off the end of stands and onto the floor.

I lay there, utterly exhausted, and wondered how on earth I was meant to continue. I wasn’t even sure how to continue or where to go, and what to do when there. The festering wound was the only thing my mind would turn to, and distracting it proved absolutely useless. It was times like this when I wished I was still with Master… She would know what to do.

The fact that I couldn’t reach her, that she was another impossible fantasy I could only dream of being by the side of, fighting for again, was haunting. She was my trainer, the one who raised me to be as strong as I was and who taught me morals and values…and we had been torn from one another. I had never imagined anything could have ripped us apart – not even the strength of a thousand-day storm – but this time, the winds had simply been too strong. The thought of her made me realised that it was unlikely I would even encounter her again…ever. I had been taken.

My face pressed against the ground as I stared into darkness. My body didn’t move as I felt the continual pulsing of the wound, which felt as if it was climbing my body and flaring in unrelated places as well, and began to feel the other injuries I had acquired both during the travels as in the recent battle, even if they were lesser. The tears wetting my face began to cool, and I felt it puddle around my cheek. The blood from my wound was causing a warm trail down the side of my belly which met with the floor to pool, and tried to remain with my eyes closed. I didn’t know what I hoped to achieve, but the moment’s depression was too overwhelming. I needed rest. I needed calm.

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