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Default Re: Summer 2012 Forum FFA: Turn Fifteen

Gardevoir prepares to Snatch.
Porygon-Z uses Shadow Ball on Gardevoir, no drop.
Togekiss A uses Ancientpower on Togekiss B, no rise, KOs! TheEvilDookie out with $20000.
Empoleon A uses Shadow Claw on Starmie B, sub breaks!
Starmie B uses Reflect, stolen by Gardevoir A!
Gallade uses Night Slash on Gardevoir A, KOs! Siless out with $20500.
Togekiss A's Tailwind ends.
5 of 48 Pokemon remaining.

Porygon-Z [558] 100%, ATK+2, DEF+5, SATK+4, SDEF+3, SPD+2
Empoleon A [438] 100%, SUB, ATK+6, DEF+4, SPD+2, AR
Starmie B [329] 75%, DEF+5, SDEF+5, LS-3
Gallade [259] 98.52%, SUB, ATK+4, DEF+2, SATK+3, SDEF+3
Togekiss A [256] 100%, SUB, DEF+3, SATK+4, SDEF+2

Oh my god that turn was amazing. Let's keep it rolling guys!

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