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Default Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Well hello there, I'm Professor Elm. My job is to help all beginning trainers like yourself to start their Pokemon Journey. We are in Johto Region, and the home to so many wonderful Pokemon of all different shapes and sizes. While they may appear cute and adorable, some of them can be aggressive. That being said, you can not begin to explore the region until you have your very own Pokemon. Please feel free to select one of mine! They are all amazing and will make great companions; but they are also very different, so be careful with challenging wild Pokemon!

Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile

How To Play/Rules

1) Pick a starter and post your starter request here.

2)Create a Trainer Card HERE.

3)Earn points by posting (You will get points for simply posting, but not just anything. Your posts have to be about your Pokémon and the ongoing story in this thread! You can post pictures, favorite moments…anything you like as long as it helps the story move forward. Be creative!).

You can find your points by clicking on the post count to the right of the title or the thread

(you can find out how many points you have clicking on the post count next to the thread. that should help. click on that link and find your name. Next to your name is the points you have.

(you can earn extra pokemon by beating certain pokemon
Name: Feraligatr

The prize value attached to their stats. If more than one person battles that pokemon the points get broken down.)

3) Questions are okay, but should post them in our club thread located HERE

4) Posts = Points. (In order to level up or battle a wild Pokemon, you need points!)

You caught a HootHoot earlier but its points arent enough to win battles, so you decide to evolve it, but how. First you go the link below that shows all the pokemon evolutions. You the level that it evolves


It evolves at level 21, if you have the right amount fill out our form.

Pokemon You're Evolving: HootHoot
Pokemon it Evolves Into: Noctowl
Evolution Point Requirement: 21 (level it evolves)
Points On-Hand: 23
Points After Evolution: 2
Link to stats: [your stats here]

Now you have this guy and he is ten points stronger !



1) In order to evolve a Pokemon, you will first need to know what level it evolves at. Check this link to find out levels of evolutions Check this list. Once you figure out that number, check your on-hand points. If your number of points is greater or equal to level this Pokémon needs to evolve (these will be the points it costs to evolve that Pokémon), you’re golden! Just post an evolutionary request form (see below)!

Pokemon You're Evolving:
Pokemon it Evolves Into:
Evolution Point Requirement:
Points On-Hand:
Points After Evolution:
Link to stats:

Adding a picture would also be great!

2) Some evolutions require other methods besides just leveling up. Each will still costs points!

Evolutionary Stones
  • Moon Stones: Can be used after you beat the 3rd gym.
  • Fire Stones: Can be used after you beat the 4th gym.
  • Leaf Stone/Sun Stone: Can be used after you beat the 5th gym.
  • Water Stones: Can be used after you beat the 6th gym.
  • Thunderstone: Can be used after you beat the 7th gym.
Stone Evolution for 1st to 2nd Stage Pokemon cost 35, For 2nd to 3rd Stage costs 45.

Trade Evolution
(Trade Evolutions will cost 45 Points. This number will also be the Pokémon’s Point Value in battles).
  • Golem,Politoed and Slowpoke are unlockable after 3rd Gym
  • Steelix, Sczior and Gengar are unlockable after 4th Gym
  • Kingdra and Machamp are unlocakable after 6th Gym
  • Porygon2 and Alakazam are unlockable after 7th Gym

Friendship Evolution
(Friendship Evolutions cost varies.This number will also be the Pokémon’s Point Value in battles).
  • (Cost 30 )Pikachu, Jigglybuff are unlockable after 3rd Gym
  • (Cost 30) Clefairy, Togetic are unlockable after 4th Gym
  • (Cost 40) Umbreon and Espeon are unlocakable after 6th Gym
  • (Cosst 45)Crobat is unlockable after 7th Gym
  • (Cosst 60) Blissy is unlockable after 8th Gym
*Tyrogue evolves at 40. (unlock certain belt)

Leveling Up

1. Once a Pokémon reaches its final stage of evolution, it can be leveled up(You can only increase its final stage 10 points). Each level up will cost 2 points.

Leveling Up a Pokemon

Pokemon being Leveled Up:
Level ups:
Resulting Level:
Points required:
Points on hand:
Points remaining:

Wild Pokemon

1) ONLY Mods and Gmods will post the appearance of wild Pokémon (If you are a mod/GMod and want to join in and add wild pokemon contact Dredd first)

2) Each Pokemon will have a point value. This is imporant to remember, because if you dont have enough points, you can't challenge it!

3) Additionally, each wild Pokemon will also have a limit on how many people can challenge it. Therefore, the first people to challenge that Pokémon will get it. Everyone else will have to wait until it appears again.
4) There will be special Pokemon that you can buy, trade or catch only on certain days!

5)Remember Game you are in ! Certain games have exclusive pokemon. Before posting check out the list Here

Catching Pokemon

1) Remember your type match-ups! Each Pokemon will gain or lose points based on type advantage or disadvantage.

When trying to capture a Pokemon, you will only see the Point Value change if there is...
• A Type Advantage. The Pokémon will gain a +5 point cost if the Pokémon has a type advantage over you. If YOU have a type advantage nothing happens.

• It has an Evolutionary Advantage. it will gain a +5 point cost. If it is two evolution stages higher, then it will gain a +10 point cost. If YOU have a type advantage nothing happens.

• A Level Difference.

- If a wild /opponent Pokemon is under Lv 5., It can only get points, it can not lose points.
- If the wild / opponent Pokemon is under Lv.10, there will be a +/-2 Points.
- If it is between Lv. 10 and 30, it will be +/- 5 points.
- If it is between Lv. 30 and 50, it'll be a +/-7 points.
- Anything above Lv.50 will be +/-8.
- Whether it gains or loses its point cost depends on WHICH Pokemon has the higher / lower level.
For example, if your Pokemon is Lv.30, and the opponent Pokemon is at Lv.10, the opponent will cost 2 points less.

Battling Pokemon

Unlike Catching Pokemon, battles will apply +/- to both pokemon, not just to you .


Mods and Global Mods
You can also participate in the game and catch Pokémon, just like everyone else! However, I’m looking for help with wild Pokemon appearances. If you are interested in helping out, please read the following rules:

1) MODS can only pick from the list of wild Pokemon in the 2nd post (Except for Spinarak, Teddiursa, Gligar, and Mantine; Those four will be considered rare). Only GMODS can post the rare Pokemon that are shown in the third post.

2)When picking a Pokemon, add a picture/sprite and give the points it's worth and the number of times it can be challenged. These challenge numbers vary between Pokémon.
(A Pokemon like Weedle will have a higher challenge number, such as 8, which gives the first 8 people to post a challenge a chance to get a Weedle. Once 8 people have challenged it, no one else can and they must wait for the next time that Pokémon appears. Rarer Pokémon will have a smaller challenge number.)

3) Challenge the trainers! Mods CAN post 2nd evolution-staged Pokemon, they just need to adjust the points required to challenge them. Check this list in order to see what level a Pokemon evolves at. If something evolves at Level 16, add that number to the current number of points needed to challenge.(For example challenging a Bellsprout would cost 8 points, but a wild Weepinbell would cost 29 points to challenge) If you decide to use a 1st evolution-staged Pokemon or a Pokemon that only has one evolution, you should add 5 points to its total. Don't do this if they are challenging WITH a pokemon that is also 2nd stage, however.

4) Pick a side. You can choose to be apart of catching the Pokemon or the one that posts the wild Pokemon. To help me with the wild Pokemon, or if you have any ideas, please post PM/VM me.

5) This thread will have staff; they are the only ones that can approve trades, events, and the evolution of Pokemon!


Capturing a Pokemon
To capture a Pokemon successfully, use the following form:
Pokemon using:
Pokemon trying to catch:
Point requirement:
Points On Hand:
Points After:
Link to stats:
Remember type differences and point requirements!


Battling a Pokemon
Pokemon using:
Pokemon Battling:
Its Point Value:
Your Remaining Points:
Its Remaining Points:
Prize Value:
(if its a battle against a trainer, or wild pokemon you are battling for experience you will find a prize number. You dont have to spend the points on hand but you will have to Faint a pokemon to beat that pokemon to get the prize.)

Leveling Up a Pokemon
Pokemon being Leveled Up:
Levels up:
Resulting Value:
Points required:
Points on hand:
Points remaining:

Gym Prizes

1) Violet City Gym
Prize: Zephyr Badges
( Pokemon level 1-25 will obey you)
( Final stage pokemon can be leveled up to 20)

2)Azalea Town Gym
Hive Badge
Prize: Hive Badge
( Pokemon level 1-30 will obey you)
( Final stage pokemon can be leveled up to 25)

3)Goldenrod City Gym
Prize: Plain Badge
( Pokemon level 1-32 will obey you)

4)Ecruteak City Gym
(Pokemon level 1-35 will obey you)
(Final stage pokemon can be leveled up to to level 30)

5) Olivine City Gym
Prize:Mineral Badge
(Pokemon level 1-40 will obey you)

6) Cianwood City Gym
Prize: Storm Badge
(Pokemon level 1-45 will obey you)
(Final stage pokemon can be leveled up to level 40)

7)Mahogany Town Gym
Prize: Glacier Badge
(Pokemon level 1-50 will obey you)
(final stage pokemon can be leveled 50)

8)Blackthorn City Gym
Prize: Raging Badge
(Pokemon level 1-100 will obey)
(Final stage pokemon can be leveled up to level 60)

Shadow Pokemon

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
OK, because Dredd wanted me to, here's a list of the Eight rules on Shadow Pokémon.

1: Shadow Pokémon have a certain boost to their abilities. If you have less than 2 badges, then this boost is +5. Otherwise, it is +10. This boost maintains itself after purification. In stats, you are to note it is a Shadow or a Purified Pokémon, and keep the aforementioned bonus SEPARATE from the Pokémon's point values.

2: Shadow Pokémon are Pure Shadow Typed regardless of species. Shadow Type is super-effective against all other types. The Shadow Type is removed upon purification.

3: In order to purify a Shadow Pokémon, you must pay its Natural Point Value (or NVP) and its Shadow bonus. Points you trained onto the Pokémon or points granted by items do not count as the NPV, it's only the value you'd normally need to capture it.

4: You yourself cannot purify a Pokémon. Someone else has to. There are certain devices and powers that can do this, wielded by certain people. Also, any Legend and anyone/anything who can create a Shadow can also purify.

5: Shadow Pokémon are just like regular Pokémon in one way: they can be found in the wild or on trainers. Catching them in the wild is just like catching a regular Pokémon. Alternatively, some trainers who find the Pokémon too unruly may give you their Shadow Pokémon (you still have to pay, but its just a possibility). Snagging them from trainers is possible for anyone on Silver Team, as well.

6: Until Purification, Shadows cannot level up or evolve. There are no exceptions to this rule. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

7: A Shadow Pokémon will be harder to control than other Pokémon. They do respect power, however, and they obey the strong. If your badge limit doesn't beat out their total points and their Shadow Bonus, they will not obey you. Purified Pokémon do not count their own Shadow Bonus towards their total points when you're checking those against badge limits to determine obedience (I'm sorry if that's bad wording, but I couldn't really think of other ways to say that better), henceforth why you SEPARATE the bonus in stats.

8: Shadow Pokémon cannot be used in regulated Pokémon Battles under League rules (Gym Leader battles, legal tournaments, ect.). Purified Pokémon CAN be used in these battles. Shadows are tortured slaves for all due intents and purposes, and such battles are shows of integrity as much as power; what does it say of you to bring THOSE out in such competitions?

...And that's it. A few more things: as I've already shown off when Corrupting Night, Physiological changes occur along with the Psychological, but the former remain where the latter would depart. In other words, the 'mini evolution' is what basically makes the Shadow Bonus stick after purification. Also, the stuff going on in XD with Shadow Pokémon is best defined as an extreme compression of events: You can try to fix it without getting someone else to purify it, but that would take years even for the most advance psychologists who could easily reason and control the likes of psychopaths along Dredd's lines after a few minutes. It's possible. Just not logical considering you've got Yellow and Seth to work with.

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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