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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post

I disagree with you. People that feel so strongly about not allowing gay marriage will eventually stop voting and become replaced by more open-minded individuals. Homosexual discrimination goes against the principles America was founded on. People are going to, slowly but surely, realize this and begin to feel more comfortable with the idea of equality.

The logic (or lack there of) behind the opinion that gays should be allowed to marry is so easy to poke holes in.
No empirical evidence supports the claim that homosexual marriages will lead to bestiality or pedophilia.
The "institution of marriage," isn't a technical term--it's the self (by self I mean anti-gay)-imposed definition of what a marriage "should be," which is One man and one woman. As far as they're concerned, that statement is fact.
"Marriages are for procreation." Considering there are over 7 billion people on this planet, I doubt we specifically /need/ more. There also isn't any reliable evidence to support the idea that (adopted) children raised by two parents of the same sex is in any way harmful to the child. I go to school with someone who's raised by two women and he's perfectly normal in every way. Of course, that' just another single situation.
Obviously, I'm just preaching to the choir with this post, but meh. :P
My friend, you underestimate the power of the 'vote.' Idiot Bible-beating conservatives will never stop voting. They're the people who keep this country afloat and they're the people who are really causing it to sink. The vast majority of the nation share the idea that homosexuality is either sinful or wrong, and because this vast majority falsely follows 'Biblical' scriptures that state this, they will have no reason to defy their Christianity for the sake of 'ethics.'

Optimism is lovely, but in reality, we live in a country where no one gives a **** about you, especially if you're different.

And yes, all that makes sense, but tell this to the South Carolina Conservatives who attend church every Sunday from 8 to 4, listening to their pastor condemn those who commit such carnal sins as 'bedding someone of the same sex.' Religion is too strong in our country, and religion is the primary reason why I don't think homosexuality will ever be ethically accepted.

A lot of people still don't accept Black people, and it's been nearly fifty years since the Civil Rights Movement. People don't change, especially people in untouched, rural locations.
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