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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
IF I'm reading this right, you can make TWO trainer cards. One for Gold and Silver. It'll at least alleviate the major problem of having two stockpiles of points, like Dredd's current situation: Two different characters are NOT going to share their points, especially if they're rivals.

On a related note, is Celebi catchable (if only by one of the two) if both cards combined have ALL the Pokemon? Does the same apply for every other gift Pokemon unlocked this way? And on a completely different note, what about the Item Trade Evos, where you had to trade a Pokemon with an item to make it evolve?

you always have tough question, first everyone is going to need a new cards. Second, you are the only one who thinks its a problem. You seem to neglect that I run both stories. I get the combined points because of that. I didnt choose that, TE, just had other stuff and the story needed to be moved forward. I am still deciding what I am going to do.

As far as points go, you each will be able to pick up extra points for your interactions with each other on both threads. Second, in order to fill the dex, I will be adding in spots to trade from gold to silver so you will be able to help each other out with pokemon that dont appear in your game.

Trade Items will be added to the evolution list in the next couple of days. Trade evolution will take place with real people between gold and silver. This again will be worked out.

Celebi is going to be tricky to catch but I am working on ways to give everyone more chances to get pokemon they didnt get. Also, if you get a pokemon that is from gen 1 in gold or silver, YOU CAN ADD THAT TO TO RED OR BLUE. There are not very many pokemon yet but it might help you fill your dex there.

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