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Default Route 9

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 48 hours.

A wide, sandy route on the west side of Celestia. There is no tree cover so the route is often hot and sunny, especially during summer. The surrounding trees prevent the cool bay breeze from reaching the route. A year-round fair is set up here, with numerous shops and attractions. Tents and stalls are scattered around the south side of the route and it is a popular tourist spot, especially in summer when many people make the journey to Eventide Beach. During autumn, fresh produce can be bought here. An old fashioned, but well built stone bridge allows trainers to cross the river at the northern end of Route 9. The current here is rapid, helped along by the waterfall upstream. The faint sound of crashing water can be heard from here.

Serena - A HM Tutor who teaches Strength. She is a martial artist with a fiery temper.


Wild Pokemon

TM08 Bulk Up can be found by the side of the path.

Route 10
Quasar Town
Route 24
Eventide Beach

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