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Default Equinox City

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 2 hours.

A calm, quiet city set in the heart of a large, flowery meadow on the edge of the forest. Rare Bug and Grass-type Pokemon can be found here in spring when the tall grass and flowers are at their best. North of the meadow is a beautiful old-fashioned shrine. It is said that Equinox City used to be a wasteland where no plants would grow, until the Voice of the Forest purified the area. The residents of Equinox City value nature highly and festivals are held in the meadow to honour the Voice of the Forest in spring. It is rumoured that a legendary Pokemon sometimes appears here, but it has not been seen for many years... The city is built around a large park where trainers can stroll with their Pokemon.

Celeste - A young woman who runs the flower shop in town. She is always wearing flowers in her hair and can often be found in the meadow, enjoying the company of wild Pokemon.

A beautiful, flat area covered in grass and surrounded by trees. In spring, the meadow comes to life with wildflowers and a special festival is held to honor the Voice of the Forest. There is a shrine at the northernmost point, just under the trees. Rare Grass and Bug-type Pokemon sometimes appear in spring.

Flower Shop
A small, cute shop by the meadow, filled with an array of flowers and plants. Visitors often buy flowers to lay on the shrine of the Voice of the Forest. The flowers are said to be able to attract Pokemon in spring.

A small, square shop with a blue roof. PokeBalls and other useful items can be purchased inside.

Pokemon Ranch
A sprawling ranch complete with fenced paddocks and a cute homestead. The owners breed Pokemon and sell them to Trainers.

Wild Pokemon


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