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Originally Posted by mintjelly View Post
So I decided to re-start watching the Pokemon anime from episode 1 season 1, so that I can also watch the banned Japanese episodes, since I was not able to when I was younger.

Last night, I began my journey by watching episode 1 of Pokemon.
That is what really got me thinking.

In Pokemon 4Ever, Ash meets a young Oak, who sees he has a Pikachu, they have a strong bond... time travel is fun... you get the point.

Now, back to episode 1. Delia wanted Ash to get a good night sleep so that he could choose his Pokemon in the morning, however he woke up late.

Could Oak have gotten Delia in on the whole "I met your son when I was 10 because he traveled through time and he can't be on time today because he needs to get this Pikachu"?

If so, how do you feel Delia's initial reaction would be?
Maybe he didn't want to alter the course of history. If you think about it, in their timeline, Ash would have been late no matter what. If he wasn't, it would have been a different timeline. Oak's visit to the future was already part of both past and future. For instance:

We know time travel isn't possible. Why? We haven't met anyone who has time-traveled from the future.

Or, another example, let's say the idea of the PokeDex was given to Oak, as a young child, when he visited Ash in the future. That would have required it to have happened both later and before the present time period, or else the event wouldn't have happened.

In other words, BWONG!
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