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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(thanks for the tip...
Attacker: Burny (Charizard)
Attackee: Carracosta
Attacker's Value: 39
Attackee's Value: 26
Bonuses: 1 (=5 For evolotion... -10 for typing)
Attacker's Current Value: 3
Attackee's Current Value: 0

Attacker: Mr. Pinchers (Kingler)
Attackee: Carracosta
Attacker's Value: 19
Attackee's Value: 40
Bonuses: 0 (-5 Evo,)
Attacker's Current Value: 0
Attackee's Current Value: 26
The Carracosta faints
Burny Faints

Brandon wins the battle

(it should be corrtect now)
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