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Default Re: Poppy’s Breakfast Table: Growing Up

It's not that I didn't find any of the anime after Johto to be interesting. The contests were a change to the regular battles. And I agree with Sarah, that it was nice to see Ash as a more experienced trainer in Hoenn, but the shows just didn't pique my attention anymore. So, I didn't watch much. Maybe if they had carried in the direction that he was gaining experience with each region and no longer needed gym leaders with him to fall back on... >.> I think that might be one of my biggest problems with it. There is always at least one gym leader with him and they always seem to be the ones filling in the loose ends of what's going on in the show. And Ash is standing there like "Really? I didn't know that." C'mon, kid! You've met and fought legendaries for crying out loud! >.<

I still say that a fresh show with new characters, even running with the current, would be very welcome to a lot of people.

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
It's just a shame that Pokemon has so much potential to be awesome, yet the writers insist on reusing the same old thing. If it was an American show I would understand as everyone outside Japan seems to believe Pokemon is just for kids. But I would expect better from Japanese story writers since Pokemon is such a huge thing in Japan and they know they have fans of all ages!
Exactly. Thank you!
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