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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
@Grassy, where have you been ??
@Cucumber. I was thinking, it could work two ways.

1) we decide as a group the best movesets to cover and then we both up the information and videos.
2)we have people just post there favorite battles with that pokemon, or favorite move sets.

Also how did the battles go last night
Uh, space. Sorry XD

Sigilyph. That nasty little moveset - Stored Power, Cosmic Power, Roost, Psycho Shift. With Magic Guard and Toxic Orb. Such a nasty combo, it is.

I mean, really ._.

Also, still waiting for my ASB battle to be reffed. Been nearly a month. Also waiting for my ref test results. Been like, two months for that :/
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