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Default Solar Outpost

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 2 hours.

A small, friendly community who have made their home on the shores of Dusk Bay. Large sand dunes surround the area between the forest and the water. The homes here are well built huts made from driftwood, and though few people live here they seem to survive well enough. The locals are terrified of Umbra City and refuse to venture north under any circumstances for superstitious reasons. It is believed that their ancestors may have been among the original settlers in Umbra City who were forced to move. They will not speak of the past and will not welcome anyone who mentions Umbra City, which they refuse to name. Aside from this one topic, the townsfolk are friendly and helpful and enjoy their infrequent visitors. Because they cannot farm on sand dunes, they survive off seafood. In summer they plant berries in large tubs and float them on rafts onto the ocean. By the end of summer, the trees are strong and full of fruit which the villagers ration for the rest of the year. Any visitors bringing gifts of fresh fruit or vegetables are looked upon very kindly.



Umbra City
Route 21

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