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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

I don't know if this will work or not, but hopefully it will:

Name: The Hope of Dawn (He renamed himself after his parents were killed. Most just call him Hope)

Species: Sceptile

Age: 60

Gender: Male

History: The Hope of Dawn was born in the valley, a playful Treecko, to loving parents. His father, Grassheart, was an adventurous fellow who decided to leave the valley for his fate. Grassheart hoped to find the legendary Pokemon, particularly Shaymin, and he and The Hope of Dawn's mother left, never returning.

The Treecko was crushed, leaving the rest of the valley Pokemon, taking on the new name of The Hope of Dawn, forcing himself to forget his old name. He became a hermit, training himself against any outsider of the valley, killing when necessary, outliving others. He evolved into a Grovyle by the age of 14, then into a Sceptile at the age of 20. He briefly went back to the civilization, finding his old friends that he had known as a Treecko old and weary, while The Hope of Dawn was incredibly strong. That was when he was 40.

A major catastrophe happened when the Sceptile was running across a waterfall. A miscalculation caused him to fall, breaking his leg, among other injuries. He was found by his old friends, and nursed back to health before he left again. This when when the Sceptile was 50.

Ten years later, however, an Arcanine by the name of Firestorm invaded the valley, driving all the Pokemon out. The Hope of Dawn was one of the last ones who escaped, dueling off with Firestorm for a while. However, age wearied the Sceptile, and Firestorm was in a vengeful rage. The Hope of Dawn was defeated, escaping quickly.

Eventually, The Hope of Dawn met another survivor, Lifewing, who was a Pidgeotto. The two are currently travelling together.

The Hope of Dawn only recently found the main group, easily being alienated from them. He is seen by his companion, Lifewing, as one of the only Pokemon capable of battling Firestorm, if for a small while.

Personality: The Hope of Dawn rarely speaks, preferring to let others do as they're instructed. He views all others of young creatures, as he is incredibly old for one of his kind. Deep down inside of him is great anguish for finding his parents, if even their bodies. In fact, The Hope of Dawn sees this as a chance to make peace with why they abandoned him.

The Hope of Dawn has no kindness, just a sort of helpfulness to him, helping up younger members on mountains. He is a superb fighter, as he trained himself daily and occasionally against an outsider.

Appearance: Scars mark The Hope of Dawn's body, particularly a burn mark from his duel with Firestorm. The blades on his left arm are slightly worn with use, and he hasn't had time to sharpen it. His right eye droops lower than his left, a side effect of the fall from the waterfall. The Hope of Dawn also walks with a noticeable limp, and he isn't as fast as he used to be. He talks with a raspy voice.

I'll get Lifewing's SU up soon.
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