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Default Re: [DS][AI]Perfectworld Phase One[Suspended]

Hey, all you faithful RPers! Yeah, I know, you already know what this is about. THe RP is suspended. Here's an FAQ;

A: Well, time. I have NONE right now. Once I settle into my school schedule again I'll have more of precious hours, but I need to spend those on my other interests as well. Like my secret group project.

A: Err...there's a load of new RP's popping up every day. Join one of those, have some fun :D and if you really want, I'm gonna have something out that I'm really hopeful about, a three main character IA. Yeah, sounds crazy, right? I KNOW THAT'S WHY I'M DOING IT.

Q: Will you ever bring this back? *sniffs*
A: Heck yeah I will! Just not...soon. Don't expect it to be revived in a couple of months.

Q: So why did it die, do you think?
A: Timing. My timing SUCKED. I dunno, I guess I should be happy that I inspired a bunch of new RP's(or you know, I would like to think I did) but really, I wish this stayed alive. Another thing, I wasn't strict enough. Next time, I'll have to be more strict and direct. It was just at a really bad time, and I hoped that it would live though WAR and the start of school, but I guess it didn't. But first and foremost; I wasn't active enough, and I wouldn't be now. I guess I underestimated the time it would take and the time I wouldn't have.

Q: So will you be restarting the RP? Or Resuming it?
A: I would like to restart it, but it's really up to you guys. I would love a larger cast, so we can be more active, but at the same time, we had some good stuff going.

Q:*As Mod/Admin* So should I close this or the RP thread?
A: PLEASE NO. We might want to resume, and I don't want to put extra work onto you guys.

A: No we weren't. Last post was easily 20 days ago. Get outta hear, silly.

Q: So what are you doing now, then?
A: My project(you know, 3MCIA), learning to be a better artist everyday, helping my class learn GIMP(tech problems, no Adobe), and HOMEWORK. Not to mention trying to keep up with a few other communities, and my own life and general well-being.

All I have to say to all you guys, the people who dropped out and the people who stuck around until now, is one quick sentence. In bold. And stuff.

Thank you ALL for making PwPo so much fun!


|||||||||||||||Enjoy the moment!
|||||||||||||||I take requests...if you want stuff, I mean...
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