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Default [PM GUESSES TO TYPHLOSION EXPLOSION] Meloetta Invasion: Who's That Pokemon?

Credit to Charmander009 for the banner


Welcome welcome, to the Meloetta Invasion! Grab your snacks and drinks now, because the event is about to begin!

I'll be your host for this event, yes, me, Typhlosion Explosion! Alright, alright, stop clapping now. The event is on it's way!

This event will be Who's that Pokemon. You, the participants, will be shown a part of Pokemon, and you will all get to guess what it is. You are allowed up to three guesses. You can put them all in one post, you can post them at different times, as long as you post them before the lock, or when all the guesses are collected. The lock will happen every five days (this number isn't set for now). Guesses are collected right before the lock, so your final guesses will be posted here each five days. There will be an announcement for each lock, and the Pokemon and winner (if there is one) will be announced the first day after the lock.


Opening-- First guess period - September 19th

First lock - September 21st

First announcement - September 22nd

Second guess period - September 23rd

Second lock - September 24th

Second announcement - September 24th

Third guess period - September 24th

Third lock - September 26th

Third announcement - September 27th

Fourth guess period - September 28th

Fourth lock - September 30th

Fourth Announcement - October 1st

Winners announcement - October 3rd

How to Play

Now, you must be wondering, "Wow, this sounds great, but how do I get in on this great stuff?"

Well, here's how it's going to go down!

I will post a picture of a Pokemon.

You can guess up to three times what it is. No, you don't have to guess three times, but it is recommended.

You may say the above Pokemon is either: Jumpluff, Stoutland, or Growlithe.

You have until the next lock to finalize these guesses. After the first lock, your guesses will be posted in the first post, so you can't change them.

I will then announce the Pokemon and Picture I used.

"The Pokemon was Scizor! Poster 1 and Poster 3 guessed right, they are awarded one point!"

You didn't guess Scizor, so you do not earn a point.

The one(s) with the most points will be rewarded at the end of the event.

Easy, right?


With all great things come rules and or catches. Here are some of ours.

1) Follow all PE2K Rules and Trivia/Games Codes of Conduct.
2) You have up to three guesses. If you list more, you will be excluded from the current Pokemon.
3) You cannot edit guesses after the lock. The edited guesses will not count.
4) Everyone can guess. If someone guesses the same as you, it's fine, you will still be counted in the winnings.
5) The Pokemon will not be revealed to anyone, even if you've already guessed. Please do not ask.

Failure to follow these rules may result in a complete ban of the event, or a ban from the current Pokemon.


Trail 1
mintjelly - Pidgeot
Metal Gear Snivy - Pidgeot, Pidgeotto
Judge Dredd - Pidgeot, Skiploom
5TailedDemonLizard - Pidgeot, Pidgeotto
pkmn-master - Pidgeot
PikaForce - Pidgeot
dj-tiny - Pidgeot
jjwenhan - Pidgeot, Pidgeotto, Pidgey
CM - Pidgeot

Trial 2
mintjelly - Quilfish
Metal Gear Snivy - Quilfish
Judge Dredd - Quilfish
5TailedDemonLizard - Quilfish
pkmn-master - Quilfish
PikaForce - Quilfish
dj-tiny - Quilfish
jjwenhan - Quilfish
CM - Quilfish
Graceful_Suicune - Quilfish
Starbom - Quilfish
Digital - Quilfish
Foxamivalth - Quilfish
brandon_g - Quilfish

Trial 3
dts94 - Stunky
Starbom - Stunky
pkmn-master - Stunky
PikaForce - Stunky/Skuntank

Trial 4
Starbom - Volbeat
dj-tiny - Volbeat
PikaForce - Volbeat
pkmn-master - Volbeat
Metal Gear Snivy - Cofagrigus
dts94 - Surskit, Exploud, Chimecho.


Trial 1: All Guesses
Trial 2: All Guesses...
Trial 3: All Guesses.....
Trial 4: Starbom, dj-tiny, PikaForce, pkmn-master.


Trial 1: Pidgeot
Picture used:
Part used:

Trial 2: Quilfish
Picture used:
Part used:

Trial 3: Stunky
Picture used:
Part used:

Trial 4:
Picture used:
Part used:

Current Pokemon Part


Good luck to everyone!

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