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Default Re: Poppy’s Breakfast Table: Growing Up

I actually liked the introduction of Contests back in Hoenn and Sinnoh. It gave us something else to watch beside Ash hitting gym after gym. It was another plot to follow and gave us a much needed break. Also, as mention before, it gave Ash the chance to be a mentor which worked out great with Ash and Dawn both teaching each other tricks.

I have never been a fan of series that changed their characters every season. It tires me out to gain new connections with the new characters only to see them rotated out for a fresh new face. That is what turned me off from Digimon and YGO. I like taking a break from the Pokemon anime and coming back knowing that Ash, Pikachu and the Rocket Trio are still there doing (or did in Rocket Trio's case) what they do best.

The main reason why we don't see the show growing up with it's fans is that the Japanese are targeting the show to a young audience that isn't us. They do not have plans to grow because as we grow out of the anime, a new fan is growing into it. They may have never heard of the Saffron City Gym Plot or the gags in Celadon but they know of the Galactic Plot and the recent Rocket Plots. It is nice to have older fans but they are not writing to keep us.

That is why the writers can recycle so much and restart Ash as often as they can. We may have seen Ash forgetting some of the basics but these new fans have not.
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