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Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, South of Northmarch island, heading west for Cragan Island
Affected RPers: Everyone sans the Global Mercs and Team Charge (NES2 is affected indirectly)

"I have chosen to leave my homeland to heal myself." The Heatmor noble replied, gesturing to his scars. "These wounds are burdens, not rewards for my bravery. I don't know how injuries are rewards in Miniera. I saw a Charizard once, both of his eyes gouged out, covered. He walked with a cane, his wings looking incredibly weak due to lack of flying. And you know what?" Abraham said, looking at a Scyther that had the misery of a lack of a leg before continuing, "Everyone hailed him as a hero. He didn't even know which direction the praise was coming from. He was old, Ernx, alive far after he was supposed to die. I'm not going to be that Charizard, hobbling for the rest of my life."

Ernx felt slightly sorry for Abraham, and defiantly sorry for the Charizard he described. He wasn't personally attached to Abraham, but his reasons were valid, so he'd respond in kind. "I wouldn't blame you for wanting to get rid of wounds that hold you back, and I hope that you find what will heal you, if it exists." Ernx said.

Solomon, meanwhile, had just gotten back to telepathing his response. <Oh Ernxy, you're such a kidder. While that would be really fun, they wouldn't do that! How could they? It would not be possible!>

The braggart would get himself killed, eventually. Nomade ships were not one's he would want to occupy, even if that was the only option (and he was thankful that Nomade ships were the last things Miniera would sell) but going to a port town-which would be heavily fortified and tightly defended by the Nomade, well, that kind of power is one of"Oh, yes, of course, they'd never be able to do that! Their captain would probably scold them for wasting ammunition-if at all-so they'd just skip to the part where they shoot out the crystal and wear the fragments. They'd probably have so many numbers that it would probably come close to making up for their lack of natural skill and intelligence, so there's also that to consider." He said, making a subtle warning that, despite the fact that Solomon was extremely good at fighting and Ernx's sarcastic comments on their lack of brains and discipline, the Nomade could still win.

He would have elaborated (as in, sarcastically commented on the nature of it), but a different kind of thing interrupted his line of thought: "LAND! LAND! Land ho! Westward Land ahoy!" shouted the Lurra on the crow's nest. He was holding a spyglass, so that only he noticed for now wasn't terribly surprising to Ernx.

Nevertheless, he had to alert Solomon. "I would elaborate on how utterly hopeless a fight would be, but we've got important business to attend to: As in, we're nearing Cragan Island, and I doubt the local Minieran fellows would wish for nothing more than to see your bright, shining face-gem." Ernx thought, still being terribly sarcastic. Again, Solomon seemed to like it. Emphasis on ‘seemed’

Ernx, though, was at last, alleviated, to find the duty they were going to: to take their first steps onto Miniera. It was of such power, such emotion, and such meaning-at least to him-that the only thing holding him back from an awe-inspiring speech was the fact that the Lurra he worked with would probably be uninterested.

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