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Default Hi, I am Kamara

Hello there. My name is Kamara and I am a newbie around here. However, I am certainly not a newbie to Pokemon. I have been watching Pokemon since I was around six and I am now 14.

Yes, I am a girl too. My favorite Pokemon is Lucario because he looks so awesome, especially his red form. He reminds me of a character from Dragonball Z and is the best fighter ever.

I love roleplaying, though the last RP I did was a year ago. I was on a forum that required approval for all the RPs made and the RP mod hated me for some reason. I am a great roleplayer. I also am a poet.

Umm, I think thats about all. I hope that this is a place good for me and I make some new friends.

Also, my real name is in fact Kamara. Pronounced Ka-Mar-Ra.
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