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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Okie dokies! An updated SU for Chip, Poppy, and Torin. I kept feeling like maybe I should trim back to two characters, but just couldn't bring myself to choose one. They work so well together! XD
Anyway, here ya go. And I kinda did their histories all in one shot since they coincide and would have come out too similar. Hope ya don't mind. ^^'

Name: Poppy
Species: Furret
Gender: female

Appearance: Looks like most Furret, brown and cream with rings around her body, a thick tail, and two stripes on each cheek. Poppy is a bit smaller than most Furret though and has a purple scarf tied to one side on her neck.

Personality: Perhaps the most childish of the three, her emotions rule more and she often finds herself relying on Chip and Torin. Generally happy, very little is needed to make her sad, she will let others know when she is angry, can be easily frightened, and her innocent kindness makes her sympathetic to others. Poppy also seems to be the more adventurous of the twins, almost always jumping in on Torinís schemes. She's not too fond of confrontation and will usually back down unless she believes that someone is in serious trouble, but is in no way weak. She actually knows more attacks than Chip and has a strange ability she does not understand yet.

Name: Chip
Species: Furret
Gender: male

Appearance: Although he is taller, Chip and Poppy are twins. Like her, he has green eyes and rings of the same proportions. He has a slice in his left ear from long ago and wears a dark red bandana around his neck. He is currently recovering from a slash down his left side caused by a Leaf Blade while running from the Valley.

Personality: There are times that he does not act his age and times when he is the most mature of the group. Chip hates to see other Pokemon sad, especially his sister, and will usually try to find a way to lighten their mood. He's strong and fiercely protective. While willing to fight, he rarely jumps to conclusions about anything. Seeing new things should be exciting, but he misses being able to stop and just have fun like they all used to. Remembering what other Pokemon taught him makes Chip quite resourceful about the environment. He is also able to sniff out fresh water and his Keen Eye can see great distances.

Name: Torin
Species: Pikachu (for now)
Gender: male

Appearance: He has a somewhat scruffy coat. With a more golden color and rusty brown stripes on his back, he is what we call shiny. He also wears his grandmother's necklace strung with pieces of freshwater shells. Torin is actually the oldest, being a few seasons older than the twins.

Personality: As the son of a skilled healer, he is very knowledgeable himself and by nature cannot stand to see ill or injured Pokemon. He is fairly mellow, even a little timid when being praised, and does not let a lot get to him. This helps him to deal with injured Pokemon calmly and gently. If someone presses the wrong buttons though, he has a very sharp temper that ignites quickly. Chip often has to break it up when he gets into a fight. He wonít hold a grudge, but do not expect him to cool off quickly. Usually, he will apologize after having time to think. Torinís general attitude brings a curious streak that often results in spontaneous plans of exploration.

History: In the middle of a heavy winter storm, Chip and Poppy were found by an old Raichu called Nevita. She had heard them crying outside of the hollow tree she lived under. The twins were only a couple seasons old. Nevita had not seen them in that part of the Valley before and had no way of knowing how they came to be wandering out in the storm. The tiny male had an injury to his ear that had dried over and both had a fine layer of ice in their fur. She brought the two in and took care of them, even giving them their names. They became family, living in the burrow beside the lake. Her daughterís family also lived nearby and Nevitaís grandson was not much older than the twins. Spending some time together, they quickly became close friends.

As they got older, Torin was with his father more as he passed on his skills for healing. There was a lot for him to know, different berries and herbs, how and when to use them, and how to tend sick Pokemon. From a young age he would go gathering with his father, learning the difference between similar plants since some could be harmful. While Torin was being schooled in healing, the twins were helping Nevi. Sometimes they would gather berries. Some would go to Torinís dad, others were dried for the winter, and the rest were given to the Caterpie and Wurmple that lived nearby in exchange for some of their silk. When they werenít busy with other things, the three were almost always playing or exploring together.

On the day of the attack, they were out together. Chip was watching with slight exasperation as Torin and Poppy raced to climb a tall pine tree for the third time. Being smaller, Torin was of course able to go higher although Poppy was arguing that she had made it up faster. They were cut off by noise echoing around the walls of the Valley that would rise and fall in bursts. It took a moment for them to realize it was the sound of battle. Many battles. Torin had just pointed out smoke rising from one end of the Valley when they heard Nevita calling for them. When the old Raichu caught up to them she looked scared and said they had to hurry. After hearing that an army of Pokemon was attacking, Torin refused to leave without finding his parents first. Before they could turn back though, a group of angry Pokemon cut them off and attacked. Chip retaliated when Poppy was knocked to the ground by a Forretress. Torin was rolling on the ground with a Luxio when a Victreebel threw Nevita into them. The old Raichu quickly pulled him to his feet while the Luxio was still dazed. Pulling her necklace off, she told him to run for now and that he was to give it to his mother when they found her. Torinís blood ran cold as he realized that his grandmother was already bleeding heavily and did not intend to run with them. Before he could protest, Chip let out a cry of pain as a Leaf Blade raked down his side. Poppy pushed the Victreebel and Forretress back with a furious Ice Beam, but more Pokemon were coming. Nevita urged them to get as far away as they could. While they turned to run, she put every ounce of energy into a Hyper Beam to hold up the attackers. Completely exhausted, they saw her go down with two Pokemon tackling her. They started running again at Chipís urging and managed to escape the Valley walls.

After joining up with more Pokemon fleeing the Valley, they faced the dry wasteland before them. Torin had many injuries to take care of from the other escaped Pokemon, including Chipís side. The twins became strained when Poppy began having bad dreams and would not talk to her brother. It all came to a head after they reached the swamps and Chipís injury became infected. The two managed to talk things through, returning to their normal relationship. Though, Poppy is still somewhat bothered by the visions from her dream.
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