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Default Re: Gym Leader Applications

Gym applying for: Zenith Town Gym
Pokemon using (max 8): Exeggcute, Skiploom, Foongus, Snover, Xatu, Slowpoke, Meditite, Baltoy
Custom Gym Rules:
  • The Gym Battle will be a 2v2 Single Battle. As such, you may only bring 2 Pokemon in your party to the Wi-Fi arena.
  • All Pokemon must be level 25 to participate.
  • The Gym Leader may only use his Gym TM on his Pokemon. They will also lack tutored moves and will not have Dream World abilities.
  • No status moves can be used; the only moves that can be used are special or physical moves.
  • The evasion, OHKO and species clauses must be adhered to.

Gym backstory:
The gym leader is a seemingly old, frail man. However, he merely looks old for his age, and possesses incredibly powerful psychic skills and a love for gardening. It is common knowledge that the gym leader of Zenith Town is known to shout, seemingly uncontrollably; for this, he named his badge the Cadence Badge. He became a gym leader when no one else in town would take the position. With his Natu that he caught on Route 4, he begun to travel around Celestia to find an extra 7 Pokemon to accompany him in his gym. The gym itself is a large, dimly lit room with plants and flowers all around the outside. They are removed and replace with extra ground, however, when battles commence.

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