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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Zayna White
Gear Station, Nimbasa City

Was it just me, or was money suddenly getting a lot harder to come by?

I sighed, letting the fiscal reports drop fall onto my desk. I could feel another headache threatening to break, no thanks to the dismal estimates I had been pouring over for the past hour. Maybe this expansion project was a little too ambitious, especially relying on donations. At this rate, we might have to start charging for admission…

Falling back into my armchair, I let my eyes wander around my cluttered office. It was a humble piece of space, but it acted as both my work place and my living quarters. A few pieces of furniture had been crammed inside to make it useful: my wobbly desk with its crude armchair, a dented filing cabinet, and a bookshelf that held anything but an actual book. A panel on the back wall folded down into a tiny cot for the nights I stayed here, and currently it was occupied by a slumbering carpet of dog.

Rubbing at my temples, I stared back down at the helter-skelter arrangement of papers on my desk, wishing it could all disappear. What did the actual surface of the desk look like, anyway?

A curious set of blue eyes peered over the edge of the desk, soon followed by the rest of the furry little imp. Large pointed ears twitched as the Victini considered the papers.

<Your human scribbles don’t make any sense to me,> Makar finally came to a conclusion after scratching his chin a few times. I winced, hoping that his telepathy wouldn’t encourage the headache. My mind was under enough pressure as it was.

“Yeah, well,” I replied with an amused smirk, reaching out to scratch between his two very large ears, “that makes two of us.”

The Victini’s feelings of pleasure flowed through our telepathic connection as I petted him. It was a disorienting sensation, one that I hadn’t quite gotten used to yet. I had never owned a psychic-type Pokémon before, but it wasn’t too different from the connection that I had felt with… with…

I let my hand fall. Makar glanced up at me inquiringly, but I only offered him a sad smile. Best not to bring back painful memories…

Makar’s ear twitched again, and he quickly turned to the door. In a blink of an eye he vanished, although his presence lingered, whispering, <Emmet’s coming.>

“Great…” I grumbled to myself and prepared for the inevitable knock at my door. When it came, shy and timid, I shouted, “What?”

Emmet’s white form slipped into my office, his grey eyes darting about nervously. First they slipped from the 10 foot snake currently coiled around my desk to the sleeping Stoutland in the corner before finally finding me.

Plastering a bright smile on his face, the Subway Boss started in his sing-song voice, “So sorry to disturb you, Miss White, but there’s… Er, there’s a bit of a problem.”

“Of course there is,” I replied dryly, taking my cap off and scratching my scalp underneath. “That’s all I ever hear from you guys. Don’cha think you could just drop in every once in a while just to say hi?”

“Certainly, Miss White,” Emmet replied with his usual, annoying cheeriness—not put off by sarcasm at all. “I will keep that in mind! But, in the meantime, I believe there is an issue that deserves your attention.”

“Fine,” I surrendered, leaning back in my chair. “What is it?”

The Subway Boss’s anxiety escalated as he fidgeted in place, “Well, er, you see… There’s this, uh… A gentlemen arrived this afternoon from the Capital. And he, erm…”


He jumped as I interrupted. Staring at him impatiently, I barked, “Please, just spit it out.”

“Right,” he ducked his head. “My apologies, Miss White. As I was saying, there’s a man from the Capital here, and he has orders from the Council.”

Great, I groaned inwardly. This outta be good…

Taking a deep breath, the rest of Emmet’s words flowed out like water rushing from a dam: “They’re going to take some of our lines.”

Emmet flinched, as if bracing himself for whatever fury I was going to unleash. However, I stared at him blankly.

“Come again?” I cocked a brow at him.

Emmet nervously laughed before repeating, “The Council is seizing control of a number of lines.”

The outburst he had been anticipating finally came.


Emmet leapt aside as I stormed from my office, ignorant to the furniture I was tossing aside. Lilly and Sniper woke with a start, barking and hissing in alarm, but I had already left them far behind.

“Where’s the messenger?” I shouted at the top of my lungs. “I’m gonna shoot him!”

“Now, Miss White, be reasonable,” Emmet’s attempt to calm me down was futile. I threw open the door to the main hub of the Gear Station, and found myself face-to-face with the so-called messenger.

“White,” Clay grunted.


(OOC: I hope you don’t mind that I took a few liberties here with certain canon characters; I don’t plan on them being around for very long, which is why I haven’t made SUs for them. I had a different idea in mind before, but since I’d like to have Cheren get in on that “secret meeting”, I decided on this approach. If you were planning on doing something with Clay, I can edit this, of course, and have it be someone else to deliver the unfortunate message ^^)

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