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Default Re: October CoroCoro reveals new Mystery Dungeon game for 3DS

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Hey, guys! Check it out! The Japanese Pokemon channel released an ad on youtube!

Behold the game in all its beauty... Aw, gosh, I so want this :D
KA-KA *Mind explodes* From the looks of it, you can choose what Pokemon you become, most likely a set after you've answered the questions. And you can use the camera to send Pokemon into dungeons! *Squeals*

Hay, Kris, the infinity symbol is supposed to represent magna, I guess. That's the title: Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon - Magna Gate. Well, assuming it's going to be called Magna Gate since the main character is changed into a Pokemon (Duh) and sent through the Magna Gate, leading him/her to the Pokemon world. This coming from the translated description.

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