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Default Meloetta Invasion- Come Claim Her Here!

Credits to Charmander009 for the banner

The Main Info

So, if you participated in the Keldeo event, you’ll have no problems with claiming a Meloetta, ‘cause it’s all the same things.
If you did not participate in the Keldeo event (Or if you need a refresher), here’s how it works:
-Participate in one of the Meloetta events
-Post a link to your proof of participation in this thread, along with your in-game name and FC
-Either Judge Dredd or myself will talk to you about setting up a time to give you your Meloetta.

When Everything is Going Down

The event will begin Wednesday, September 19 and end on Wednesday, October 3 .
The actual distribution of the Meloetta will be held toward the end of the contests.
As listed above, Judge Dredd and I will be distributing the Meloetta.
If you have any questions about the Meloetta, just send one of us a message.

Meloetta Contests

Link to Submission:
In-Game Name:
Friend Code:
Time Zone:

Applied for Meloetta But Have Not Received

Applied for Meloetta and Received
steve 434
Typhlosion Explosion
Saraibre Ryu


Here's what a proper application form looks like (This is Pikaforce's application):
Link to Submission:
In-Game Name: Matthew
Friend Code: 4126-4836-2333
Time Zone: London BST

Shun the non-believer

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