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Default Re: Do you look at spoilers before you play new games?

I'd go crazy if I didn't read spoilers for games. Getting to learn more before launch helps me plan my journey and how I'll play.

With any new Pokemon Generation I'll look up the movesets and areas where they can be found so I can plan my strategy. (I only capture 6-8 Pokemon to beat the gyms and E4 that way I can bond with my team. Silly, I know)

Before Mass Effect 3 came out I was on message boards downloading leaked scripts, and learning more about enemies and their tactics.

Spoiling for me helps me get an edge in my opinion. I will, however, respect the wishes of my peers who hate spoiling games. (Unless of course they really cross me, then I spoil everything in an email disguised as a regular message. It starts out like normal and then BLAM! Suddenly Spoiled content everywhere!)
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