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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

The setting then changed back to the open sea, where the sun was rising over the fog covered horizon and the Oracle was back in front of the Thieves’ boat. Cassim and Sa’Luk both looked at the ethereal being with anticipation

Ash and co. were just catching up to them at this point, and they did so by riding Charizard and Pidgeot…

*Charizard had reached his max capacity with Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Meowth. So Pidgeot was the one assigned with carrying Elsa, Persian and Elsa’s Raichu*

The two flying Pokemon both halted when they saw boat, because that was the moment when the Oracle said…

Oracle: You have arrived

The ghostly woman vanished into thin air after that and the current increased for a brief moment. The boat shook around a bit after that happened, but after it did, nothing else happened

Fat Thief: Where is it?

Ponytailed Thief: I see nothing, nothing but fog.

Sa’Luk was pretty annoyed right now and the fact that he held up his claws to Cassim’s head only emphasized that fact.

Sa’Luk: I’ve had enough of your trickery!

Cassim: No, this is it: The Vanishing Isle, watch

And true to Cassim’s words, something did happen. The water began to bubble greatly as a large castle-like structure started to rise from the sea. The thieves’ boat shook was moved all around during this event, but eventually it settled on the solid terrain that was The Vanishing Isle.

No doubt, this was a sight to behold, but the wonderment did not stop there. As soon as the buildings were topside, the entire Isle was revealed to be on the shell of a Giant Lapras. This only added to the island’s amazement and mystery

Ash: (In total awe) The Vanishing Isle…

Misty: (Also in total awe) …on the back of a Giant Lapras

Ash: And never in the same place twice. Let’s get closer

And with that, Charizard and Pidgeot both carry their passengers closer to the Vanishing Isle. Meanwhile, Sa’Luk and his men were already on the move with Cassim still as their hostage. Ash and co’ continued to fly in above them, but Persian poofed off of Pidgeot and then poofed back dressed as Rambo parachuting down with a gun.

He then landed in front of the Thieves and said…

Persian: (As Rambo) Time to Rock n’ Roll, dudes!

…before bouncing up and down as he fired his laser gun.

The Thieves all ducked in time, but when Sa’Luk saw this, he gave a brief look of surprise before grabbing Cassim and running off.

The seven remaining Thieves then saw Misty, Elsa, Pikachu, Raichu and Misty’s Corsola standing right in front of them. They started to advance towards them, but Misty and company were far from intimidated. In fact, the four heroes just stood aside and allowed Charizard and Pidgeot to fly right at their would-be assailants. Naturally, the thieves were bowled over, and when that happened, Misty and the others ran over to join the fight.

They all made quick work of the Thieves, especially the Pokemon, but that didn’t stop Persian from getting his share of action.

First, he transformed into a bearded monk and appeared all around the Swordsman Thief and the Triplets, while saying…

Persian: (As a monk) I am here, now I am here

This allowed Elsa the chance to get behind the large Pidgeotto statue they were standing near and push it over on top of them

As for the Fat Thief, he was caught off guard when he saw the shadow of something big come over him and was surprised to see that it was Persian, now posing as a fat hillbilly

Persian: (As a fat hillbilly) How ‘bout a packet of Nutty Buddies? (Knock the thief back with his belly)

Ash sees Sa’Luk and Cassim from afar, so signals Persian over and says…

Ash: Persian, we need a distraction

The talking Normal-Type then smiled and replied…

Persian: Survey Says… (Zooms off into the air and flies up to the Giant Lapras’ face) show me Lapras!

Persian then takes on the form of a Pro-Wrestler and starts punching the Lapras on the nose (not that it seemed to notice)

Persian: (While landing his blows) Boom, boooooom, boom! Another fake blow to the head, Boom!

We then see Persian dressed like an announcer in front of a microphone as he says…

Persian: (As an announcer) Oh no, he’s got ‘em in the half nelson, now he’s got ‘em in the full nelson! Oh no, the dreaded Ozzie Nelson!

Persian then opens a door, posing as Ozzie Nelson and says…

Persian: (As Ozzie Nelson) Rick, boys, maybe you want to come over here and see what's happening?

We then see Persian as the Announcer again, as he, and the table he was sitting at, are now floating in the water as Persian is saying…

Persian: (As the Wrestling Announcer again) he’s coming in quick, oh no, he's up, he's down, and he's actually inside the Lapras. We'll be right back after a brief message.

We then see that Persian was getting swept into the Lapras’ mouth by the current and was swallowed rather easily. However, Persian could be heard inside as he said…

Persian: Tickle, tickle, tickle

A close-up to Lapras’ eye would indicate that Persian likely wasn’t just saying it, he was doing.

This made Lapras let out a loud bellow and subsequently cause the Vanishing Isle to shake a little. Cassim and Sa’Luk both felt this and nearly lost their balance for a moment. That’s when Ash leaps off of a high ledge and dropkicks Sa’Luk flat on his back.

Ash: (To Sa’Luk) it took me years to find my father! (Looks towards Cassim) I’m not losing him again.

Sa’Luk then wobbles to get back up, but when he does, Ash uppercuts him and knocks him senseless.

Ash then unties Cassim as he says…

Cassim: You came to help me?

Ash: How could I do anything else?

Cassim smiles at the comment

Ash: Now let’s get that treasure of yours
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