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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

That’s when we cut back Ash and Misty as they exit the Chapel and look upon their happy waving guests. Grumpy Officer Jenny was among the crowd, but she wasn’t waving or happy. Ash and Misty didn’t notice her at first, but she certainly caught their attention when she (ironically) was the one who caught Misty’s bouquet. She didn’t look grumpy after that, in fact, she just looked stunned. Ash and Misty both smiled after that, and then approached Ash’s Charizard, who was kneeling down like he was expecting them get on his back.

*Most likely Charizard was going to serve as a stand-in for the traditional car with the “Just Married” sign*

Once the couple was onboard, Charizard immediately took off into the air while Ash and Misty both waved back at all of their guests down below.

This is when we hear a familiar voice saying…

Narrator: After a long and perilous journey as a child and truly death defying quest as an adult, our hero, Ash Ketchum has finally ended another chapter of his life and prepares to start a new one with his one true love. No doubt, more mystery and adventure await Ash in the world of Pokemon, just as they do for his father, Cassim –

During that last bit of dialogue, Ash and Misty spot Cassim and Meowth riding on Rapidash and fly down to wave goodbye at them. When they wave back and ride off, Ash and Misty share another passionate kiss

Narrator: -- but no matter what new twists and turns come his way, he and Misty will always remember one thing: The journey continues

And after so many years, the face of the narrator of “Pokemon” is finally revealed…

*I’ll let your imagination decide what he looks like*

…and what’s more, familiar Pokemon face was right next to him.

Narrator: (Finally revealed) isn’t that right, Pikachu?

*That’s right; Pikachu*

Pikachu: (Waving goodbye at the audience) Pikachu!

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