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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Cynthia | Lance | Alder | Keynoma Momoyia
Council Building, Capital City
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Cynthia continued down the corridor after her encounter with Jihl. She did not like the other Councilwoman, which was saying a lot. Very rarely did the Sinnoh champion find someone she didn't like, but when it came to Nabaat she just knew that the other could not be trusted. She could see right through her the appearance Jihl showed others, and that was the reason as to why she recently has been keeping a close eye on her movements. But right now she did have something else to focus on instead, something that needed her full attention. So after a few more moments she found the conference room she was looking for and stepped inside. She was glad to see the other person in the room, but the third was a surprise to her.

There were two men in the room, both Pokémon champions like herself. One was the Johto champion Lance, the person she had been expecting. The other was the ex-champion of Unova, Alder. She wasn't completely enthusiastic about seeing the latter, but she did have an idea as to why he was currently present. The current champion has been a bit MIA, and also being a member of the Council she would be needed in making decisions. So a temporary fill-in was a necessity, if only just acting as a band-aid to the situation.

"It's good to see you again, Cynthia," Lance spoke, breaking the woman out of her thoughts. "I do hope you can forgive me for not informing you beforehand about Alder. He's temporarily filling in Zanya's spot in the Council."

"It's alright," Cynthia spoke before turning to the other mentioned. "Are you thinking of permanently taking her place?"

"Of course not!" Alder spoke with a smile. "I'm just here until she can resume her duties or another is found in her place."

That wasn't a surprise. Alder was too much of a free spirit and didn't like to deal in serious situations. Not to mention he didn't like to stay in one location for too long. He was always traveling, probably more so than some of the others. Lance traveled on occasion, mainly going to where he is needed. Cynthia traveled when new discoveries about Pokémon lore was discovered. However no matter where they went, both Lance and Cynthia were relatively easy to find compared to Alder. He seemed to be able to hide very well when he didn't want to be found.

Cynthia then took a seat at the rounded table, choosing to sit near Lance. "Then shall we get straight to the point?"

"No use in dragging it out," Lance said, going from casual to serious. "So far we have still be unable to locate the Kanto or Hoenn champions to join the Council. With there being so few of us now, we can use all the members we can get. And with Zanya ignoring her duties, it doesn't exactly give us a good image."

"I'm sure some of the Council will not be too thrilled about more trainers joining," Cynthia voiced, thinking specifically of one other member. "It seems like most of us are from the Pokémon world."

"From what I've seen not many others from the others worlds have been willing to volunteer," Alder added, leaning back in his chair. "Not sure if they're too proud to do so or just want to stay out of the politics."

"Either way, we need to find some more people to help deal with situations. Even if they don't take on the full title of being a Council member," Lance said, redirecting the conversation back to where it needed to be.

"Then why not promote Cheren?"

It wasn't that much of a surprise that Alder made the suggestion. Cheren had been a major help, even though he didn't have the full title. However he has been busy with other important works, being at the top of the list the Pokémon school. He had also taken over the Normal-type gym that was originally in the Unova region. After things had been set up there were trainers still wanting to challenge the gyms, perhaps wanting to get a head start in collecting badges. One of the projects were to set up a League like in the original regions, however that has been put on the back burner for now.

"He already has a lot of responsibilities," Cynthia then said. "However we will offer the position. If he thinks he can handle it, then his addition will be much appreciated."

"We could also use the upcoming tournaments, like back in the regions. We used the League tournaments to decide either those who could challenge the Elite Four or even a new champion."

Lance had a point. The tournaments could be used in that fashion, even if their intentions were to celebrate a full year of the peace they've had. It was coming up on the two year anniversary of the merging, so what better way to make a good experience out of it than throw a festival with different kinds of tournaments? Three major ones were in preparation, two of which would include trainers and their Pokémon.

"Are you thinking just offering the winners a position, or perhaps keeping an eye on all the contestants for potential?" the blonde then asked.

"I think it'd be a good idea to keep an eye on all of them. I don't think it'd be wise to offer a seat to someone who might have won the competition but can't handle difficult situations well," Alder answered.

Good points were being made. Lance nodded once, agreeing with Alder's suggestion. "So we'll all keep an eye out for potential candidates," Cynthia then concluded. "I have one person in mind already I'd like to invite, and I'll forward her information to you, Lance." A nod of acknowledgement was the response she received, so she continued on. "Now then, let us move on. The other two things that need to be addressed are using some of the Battle Subway lines to trade material with some of our further settlements and we should also discuss some recent findings on the energy fluxes we have been experiencing."

"There have been new findings?" Lance then asked, one eyebrow arching up with both interest and some confusion. "I would have thought that all findings would have already been presented to us."

"Under normal circumstances, yes. However I have asked one scientist to do some independent studies, and she has recently contacted me about her findings. In fact she should be arriving shortly."

As if on cue, there was a soft knock on the door. After Cynthia gave permission to enter, the door opened to reveal a young woman who looked in her early twenties. Her hair color was that of a slate blue color with matching eye color. Her clothing consisted of a white collared button up blouse, slate grey vest over the shirt, sleek black pencil skirt, and black high heels. She did have a small small briefcase with her and a pair of glasses hanging from the collar of her shirt, finishing off her professional look.

"I do apologize for being late," she said after closing the door behind her. "I was having a little difficulty finding a last-minute sitter for my son."

"It is no problem at all," Cynthia spoke. "I did ask you to join us with a short notice. I do hope it was not too much trouble for you, Ms. Momoyia."

"Of course not," the new arrival spoke, taking a seat at the table. "And you don't need to be so formal with me. Keynoma is just fine. Now then," she paused for a moment, placing her briefcase in front of her on the table and putting her glasses on near the tip of her nose, "is this all of us or are we expecting anyone else?"
OoC: Sorry for the massive wall of text, but I was having problems finding a stopping point once I got to typing. Also there is a lot of dialogue in this post and not that much action, but there will be more excitement in posts to come. Also, in regards to Charmander009's OoC, I have no problem with the liberties you took. I don't think that canon character's personalities would remain completely canon after the merging. That and I like to give people some creative freedom with those characters in my roleplays.
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