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Default Re: Clan Sizes are going to change (Discussion )

There is one simple way to recruit new members/battlers to PE2K; Hard Work.

Smogon is one of the top destinations for battling/strategy because they have a team of core members who pick apart the metagame each and every day. The solid veterans at strategy battling will always be over at Smogon/Serebii.

TUST, if you want to re-create PE2K into a top destination, you need to find a core group of members here at PE2K who will help you. I'm talking recording videos and uploading them to a specific YouTube channel where people who aren't members at PE2K will eventually stumble across the video and watch it. To hold their interest, make sure you actually have members who know what they are talking about.

Open up a teaching school thread/forum where you have knowledgeable members who want to help teach new battlers how to battle. Unfortunately, the standard metagame right now is insanely complex so when you start throwing around the terms OU, UU, EV's, IV's, cloning, pokerus, sav'd, RNG, etc., you have already confused them.

For example, my cousin (who was actually the person who introduced me to pokemon many eons ago, lol) stopped competitively battling because there is SO MANY things that a serious battler on WiFi has to do just to even have a chance at a 1v1 battle. If you don't have all of the knowledge and commitment to learn everything there is to know, you will never succeed as a battler and no one likes losing. Most people do not have the time nor patience to EV train/IV breed for hours on end (PO is great for these types of people).

Simply put, to make PE2K a future top destination for battlers, a lot of work needs to be done. There needs to be a very simple step by step thread that goes through EVERY subject there is for competitive battling. After that, you need a support staff to help coach/train these new battlers. Then, you need the support from those same staff members to dedicate their time putting up instruction videos or battle videos up to YouTube to help get some exposure of PE2K out there. You can't really expect someone to accidentally stumble across this site from a search in google and expect them to want to stay when there are so many things that they have probably never even heard of yet (RNG, EV's, IV's etc.).

So you think you are a top tier battler? Not so unless you have become the Kenohra League Champion!
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