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Kiseki Kagami from District Four/ Ichiru Kagami from District Three/ Michael Knight from District Two/ Caitlyn Walker from District Seven

The four tributes watched in a shocked silence from their respective places as Ashley tried to attack Keiru only to be restrained by her parents. Jeremy tried to attack after being informed of what had happened upon his return from the infirmary, but he was stopped quickly as well.

Caitlyn was surprised to see Amelia there; the blonde tribute from One had suddenly appeared in front of her brother as if to protect him when Ashley had turned on him in her rage. Caitlyn herself couldn’t seem to decide what to think about the situation yet, although everyone else appeared either shocked or enraged.

"Okay everyone, go back to what you were doing." A Peacekeeper instructed after everything had calmed down. He then turned to Keiru. "Now, explain to me why the hell you would shoot an arrow at an defenseless little girl."

Keiru didn't respond for several seconds, although finally he folded his arms across his chest and gave his answer.

"This is a place for tributes training. Not some place for a defenseless little girl. You were lucky it was me, giving nothing but a warning, rather than another tribute, who would have had worse intentions."

Keiru’s gaze went to the other tributes then. Kiseki and Michael were still looking at him in shock, and Ichiru had started throwing knives at the target to keep his emotions and thoughts at bay, although he was still watching and paying attention to his fellow tribute.

"If I had intended to actually hit the girl, trust me, I would have done so." Keiru’s attention was back on the Peacekeeper now, and he gestured toward the target at the archery range, where all of his arrows were either embedded in or around the bullseye. This fact alone was all that was keeping Caitlyn from going into a rage over the event herself. "The girl shouldn't even be in here, she's a target to get at her, as well as him. I decided it'd be better if I got them out of their fantasy world before somebody decided to actually kill the girl, because I sure as hell had noticed at least one tribute here planning to do so, and before you say anything, I'm not referring to myself in third person."

Michael had gone back to his knot tying by now, although he was still listening to Keiru’s words. He didn’t know what to think about him or what had just happened. Even from a distance, he could see a side to him that didn’t match his first impression at all, but he couldn’t decide if he would fall under the category of an ally or an enemy. Regardless of that fact, it was obvious he was well rounded in his skills, which would make him a valuable ally in the arena. He glanced over at Amelia, who was still near the archery range where she had run to her brother’s side. He didn’t know much about her either, but he assumed she had some talents as well - and somehow she didn’t seem like a bad person. There were few… decent people here, so he really wanted to get to know those who were.

Michael and the twins heard Keiru finish speaking, advising Peeta to keep a better eye on Aria. Shortly after, the Peacekeeper informed him that his training was coming to an end early today, and that he was going into solitary confinement until lunch time.

As Keiru was escorted toward the exit by the Peacekeeper, Caitlyn heard one last whisper as he passed her.

“The bet is still on. Give me the results at lunch.”

She looked at him in shock for a moment, surprised that even after all of that, he would still be worried about the bet. Part of her didn’t even want to take part in it now, but there was still that conflicting thought that he had only been trying to benefit the child by getting her out of the room. It was highly likely that another tribute could have been targeting her. She had almost been attacked herself by Brandon, and Matt seemed to be targeting Ashley, so it wasn’t unlikely that one of them or even someone else had been planning to injure or even kill the girl to get to Ashley and Jeremy.

She gave a sigh, turning back toward the target as she drew back the string on the bow. Maybe if she won this bet, she could convince Keiru to tell her a thing or two…

Ichiru glanced at Keiru at the mention of his family’s money, a frown appearing on his face for only a moment before he returned his attention to the target, managing to embed a knife in the center on its chest, where the heart would be. Kiseki was beginning to believe that Ichiru had a secret talent for knife-throwing that even he didn’t know about, which might not be a good thing in this case, for if it was one of his talents, all of the tributes knew about it now. The older twin didn’t seem to care, and it was obvious that he was only distracting himself from an anger that he didn’t understand. Aria wasn’t his child, and it didn’t have anything to do with him, so why was he so upset? Not only that, he also got angry when someone tried to target Ashley as well. He had only spoken to the two of them for all but five minutes the night before, so what was with this attachment?

Yet another knife left his hand and struck the target in the head. However, the force behind his last throw sent the blade noticeably deeper into the target that it should have. Kiseki glanced at Ichiru in concern, clutching one in his own hand. The older twin ignored his brother’s questioning gaze, brushing the matter off with a grin and a chuckle, along with the excuse that it had just been a lucky hit.

Kiseki didn’t appear convinced at all, although his idea to question his brother was taken away when he noticed Michael looking at them from the knot-tying station. The striking blue eyes locked with Kiseki’s for only a moment before he looked away, but just that moment was enough to tell the dark haired teen something.

“Hey…” He looked back at Ichiru as he put the knife in his hand back with the others. “What do you think about the male tribute from District Two?”

“I heard the people from Two are the most loyal to the Capitol.” Ichiru didn’t bother hiding the bitterness in his voice as he responded. “My opinion of them isn’t very good, to say the least.” He looked over to his brother, then to the blonde who now had his back to them. “Why?”

“I don’t know, he just seems… different.”

“Different?” Ichiru eyed the younger teen for a moment, thinking back to how he had appeared in the tribute parade. Sure, he had seemed nice and happy during the interviews, but those from the Career Districts usually were arrogant enough to act that way. “Don’t fall for his nice act, if that’s what you’re referring to. He could easily be faking that.”

“Yeah, but…” Kiseki met his brother’s gaze and allowed his sentence to trail off when seeing the disapproval in Ichiru’s eyes. “He doesn’t seem like he’s acting.. And remember the Reaping tapes? He didn’t look happy or proud like the other tributes. He looked just as upset as the rest of us, even though he volunteered.” He glanced back over at Michael. “Not to mention he’s keeping to himself. Normally the Careers form a pack instantly, don’t they?”

“That’s true.” Ichiru looked at Michael for only a moment before his attention went back to the stations around the room. “Which station do you want to try next?”

Kiseki gave a soft sigh when realizing Ichiru had deliberately changed the subject, but decided not to push any further.

“I don’t know, your choice.”

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