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Default Re: Favorite 5th Gen Pokemon

Fave Legendary: Reshiram. VERY MUCH SO. NOTHING STOPS RESHIRAM.Virizion's a close second, if only because I wind up catching a lot of it/him/her in re-runs of White, and I like the design.

Fave Non Legendary: ...Ooh, that's tough. Serperior, Emboar, Reuniclus, Sigilyph, Hydregion, and Darmanitan all rank up there. Hydregion will probably be it, though, because, well, you know. Bada** Dragons for the win.

Anti-Fave Legendary: SAY IT WITH ME FOLKS! GENESECT!! OK, I admit, the Cloud Trio annoy me, but I consider forms to be part of the Pokemon, so Therian and Incarnate Genies are the same thing, and as the Therian forms are awesome, they don't get this non-coveted title...Though I don't like either of Landorus'es forms, so he's a close second. Genesect may be a bada** cyborg bug with a laser beam, but it is ugly. Purple coloration did it no favors, and I also think it's a bit overrated. The Shiny form makes it better-looking, but still.

Anti-Fave Non-Legendary: Patrat AND Watchog, especially Watchog. I do not actually 'hate' Pokemon, but PLEASE tell me why these things have to be so impossibly annoying! They should be easy to defeat in the later stages of the game, and they should NOT have that obscene level of Status-Condition moves! That Team Plasma and Lenora wield Watchog and Patrat just make it all the worse. Ratatta and Raticate are cool in comparison.
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