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Default Re: Get to Know Your Fellow Members!

1. When did you join the forum? March 14, 2012

2. Which board(s) do you frequent most?

I like to imagine myself as the type of person that posts pretty much anywhere that interests me, but generally I keep to the Pokemon Section and as well as General Discussions

3. What do you like about that/those board(s)?

They relate more to what I'm interested in, and I find it easier to talk about as well as share my interest in those forums!

4. What was the first Pokémon game that you played?

Technically it was Pokemon Silver, but that wasn't my copy at the time(it was my brother's). My first Pokemon game that I owned was Pokemon Ruby, then I got Sapphire afterwards.

5. What was your favorite Pokémon at that time?

Kyogre was awesome. xD

6. What was your least favorite at that time?

Didn't like Groudon all too much. u_u

7. What is your favorite Pokémon now?

Too many to list!

8. What is your least favorite Pokémon now?

I don't particularly have a "least favorite" though I'm not particularly fond of most of the fifth generation Pokemon. D:

9. Favorite type?

Psychic, Grass, and Ice. And Also Dragon to some extent, too.

10. Least favorite type?


11. Do/did you watch the anime?

Nope. I've missed too many episodes, and as a result of that, I fell out of interest within the anime. x_x I didn't really bother to catch up to any of the episodes due to lack of free time that I have. xD

12. Who is your favorite character?

Uh, Game-wise? Drake(R/S/E), Green(FR/LG), as well as a lot of characters from R/S/E, but anime-wise, I don't have one.

13. Favorite crime organization?

Plasma and Aqua/Magma, because one of those teams actually came close to succeeding and the other kind of already did succeed at their mission, but screwed up at that. xD Plus I like Team Magma's uniform!

14. How often do you visit the forum?

Admittedly not that often, but I do make an effort to lurk when I can. I'm a very distracted person a lot, so I guess that has a lot to do with it.

15. What country do you live in?

United States.

16. If you could be any one Pokémon, which would you be and why?

Staraptor. If not that, it wouldn't hurt to be a Dragonite. xD At least something that's powerful and could fly!

17. What is your favorite animal, and why?

When I was younger, my favorite animal was spiders, because I used to study them a lot. Now, I don't really have a favorite animal. x_x Sad to say, I'm not really that much of an animal person like I used to be, though I still like reading up about them!

18. What are some of your life goals?

To become an IT Technican sometime in the future! :3 Of course, graduating college is on the list, too!

19. Are you getting tired of these questions yet?

I'm pretty patient. It's nearly 2 AM and I have nothing better to do. xD

20. Finally, who is your favorite sprite art mod with the initials CC? *cough cough*


/wish i could've said something wittier
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