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Default Re: What did you think of the Contest episodes?

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Wow 8 years... kinda crazy its been that long!

I actually was not a fan of contests at all. I didn't like them much in the games and I didn't really enjoy any of May's contest battles.

I recently decided to get back into the anime which I quit watching after Hoenn. I started with some Sinnoh episodes and just watched the end of Sinnoh League Victors today. I have to say I think contests improved a lot during Sinnoh. I don't know if its just the character of Dawn and the fact that we got to know some of the other competitors that makes them more interesting or if its the contests themselves. I was very impressed with the Grand Festival contest battles, especially the battle between Zoe and Nando. I think the writers were getting much more creative with moves and combinations and am surprised they decided not to include them in the black/white anime.
Why didn't you enjoy any of May's contests battles? They are pretty much the reason contests became popular in the first place.
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