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Default Re: Gym Leader Applications

Originally Posted by Teo View Post
Alright! As of this very moment! You all need to revise your rules. Reason being you're all going under the impression this ia exactly the same league as it was last time. When it's not!

Pokemon types shouldn't be limited in battle, nor should TMs. This is considering Pokemon aren't easy to come by as well as TMs are scattered throughout the entire region. If you're picking a later Gym, you have to deal with the fact challengers are going to be prepared for you. On top of that. ALL GYMS ARE DUAL TYPES!

Most people aren't going to have a plethora of Pokemon at their disposal and keep to a small standard team with a few interchangeable Pokemon. So again, this league is completely different from last time! So please do keep this in mind when revising your application!
Which rules would need to be revised for my application? I don't see any rules that would necessarily be a problem for newer members, the only outlandish one being the inability to use status moves (which shouldn't be a problem anyway as most Pokemon learn a sufficient amount of physical/special moves by level 25 anyway).
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