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Kiseki Kagami from District Four/ Michael Knight from District Two/ Caitlyn Walker from District Seven
Training Center

Michael had led Kiseki over to the camouflage center, since both of them seemed to have taken an interest in it. The two had fallen into silence upon arrival as they listened to the instructions given and then busied themselves with painting their skin to match different backgrounds.

Michael had a bit of difficulty at first, since he had never done anything like this before, but Kiseki seemed to have talent for it, although it was obvious the dark haired teen was distracted.

“Has anyone in your family been in the Games before?” Michael questioned just to try and strike up some sort of conversation.

“No, but one of my close friends was chosen a few years ago.” Kiseki responded softly, glancing up at Michael, who had finally begun to properly paint his skin to match the grey, rock-like background he had chosen to do. “She barely made it past the Cornucopia, and was killed shortly after.”

“I’m sorry…” Silence fell over the two again for a few moments before Michael spoke again. “I lost my sister to the Games two years ago. I tried to volunteer so I could go with her, but someone else beat me to it. She made it about halfway through before she was killed…” Kiseki’s brush fell still at Michael’s words, and he looked over at the blonde, who hadn’t taken his gaze off of his work. “I decided that if my time came, I would win the Games for her. But now that I’m actually here…”

Kiseki realized that Michael didn’t know about the rebellion, and once again it pained him to not be able to speak of it. He had also come to the realization that Michael was just a regular teenager like the rest of them, thrown into this cruel game of the Capitol’s and left frightened and alone like everyone else. He wasn’t like the other Careers, and Kiseki knew that he couldn’t leave him to fight alone.

“You’ll make it.” Michael looked over at him with a mixture of shock and question as Kiseki spoke again. The dark haired teen offered him a smile. “You’re stronger than you think, and now you won’t have to fight alone.”

Michael looked at him blankly for a few moments before it registered that Kiseki had basically just told him that he wanted to fight alongside him. A smile finally came back to his face, but all he could muster was a simple “Thank you.”. However, that seemed enough for Kiseki, and lifted the spirits of both boys as they returned to their work.

A few moments later both of them had about finished with their camouflage, and Michael looked up to see that Kiseki’s attention had fallen back on Caroline.

“Do the two of you have a relationship?” Kiseki looked back at him quickly, the question in his eyes bringing Michael to elaborate. “You and your partner. Are the two of you dating?”

“N-No, we’re not.” Kiseki’s face flushed at the question, and Michael followed his gaze back over to Caroline.

“Then you like her?” The red in Kiseki’s cheeks worsened at the next question, and he looked back at Michael, the expression on his face making the blonde haired male laugh.

“I… I don’t…” Kiseki trailed off when finding it hard to deny. Did he like Caroline? Even after such a short amount of time with her? Didn’t he tell Rose that he liked her? No, he hadn’t… he had avoided directly saying it… But why had he done that?

Michael chuckled when seeing how obviously confused Kiseki was making himself with his own thoughts, rising from his place and turning back to the dark haired teen.

“You shouldn’t be so timid and talk to her more. She is your partner.”


“Besides, I have to get her permission to form an alliance with the two of you anyway, don’t I? It‘s obvious you don‘t want to go through the Games without her.” He smiled at Kiseki as he pulled him to his feet. “Come on!”

Kiseki gave a small yelp of surprise when Michael suddenly pulled him in the direction of the track where Caroline and Jeremy were currently resting - much like he had done to Ichiru several times before. He had to admit that Michael was a lot different than what he had expected. Before he had spoken to him, he had somehow given off a distant and intimidating vibe, but now that he had talked to him it was obvious that he was anything but.

“Hey.” Michael greeted Jeremy and Caroline with a bright smile after he had dragged Kiseki across the room to them, the dark haired teen standing beside him with his cheeks still flushed from before. “You’re Kiseki’s partner, right?” His gaze shifted to Caroline as he spoke, crouching down so that he wasn’t standing over them. “I’m sorry for suddenly coming over like this, but I really wanted to meet the two of you.” Now Kiseki was positive that this wasn’t the same person he had pictured Michael to be at all. He almost reflected himself, without the timidity. He gave Caroline a sheepish smile, having truly not expected Michael to approach them so suddenly, but he had to admit that he was also really glad that he was so friendly.

Caitlyn gave a soft sigh as she pulled the string of her bow back once more, focusing on the target before letting it fly. Miss. She had already done three out of her five shots, with two misses and one hit. She would have to get the last two in order to win the bet. However, before she loaded the bow with another arrow, her attention went to Amelia. It hadn’t registered until now that Keiru’s sister was standing right beside her, and that this was a perfect opportunity to find out more about them - if she was willing to talk, that is.

“I’ll bet he causes a lot of worry, huh?” She joked as she looked at the blonde with a smile. “He seems like a nice person, though.” She drew back the string of the bow with another arrow, letting it fly to embed beside her previous hit within the bullseye. She wasn’t sure how to start a conversation, which frustrated her, but she didn’t let it show as she picked up another arrow.

Ichiru Kagami from District Three

"Yeah, we'll be fine." Ashley responded with a nod. "I was actually going to check on her before going back to the training center." She looked back toward the city, and silence fell over the two of them for a few moments. Ichiru had just averted his own gaze to the city below when the brunette spoke again. "I think bringing Aria and Kenny here was a mistake. The idea of them coming here was amazing at the time, but now when I finally realized that they could be in danger, I can see how terrible the idea is now. I know back home they would had ended up in a foster home until at least my parents made it back, but I can't stand the idea of Aria and Kenny being placed in that foster home. It's just horrible..." Ashley paused for a few moments, and Ichiru looked away from the city and back to her. "I just wish there was a way I could protect them. It's not fair that they have to be locked away on the floor all day, like they're trapped or something. I just... I want them to be safe."

Ichiru had to admit he was shocked at how much Ashley had just opened up to him. He tried to hide it from his expression, but he knew some of the surprise had to be showing.

“I’m sure you’ll find a way.” He finally spoke, although he had to pause as he thought about what he was about to say. Finally, he looked back over at Ashley, a smile returning to his face. “I’ll help you, if you‘ll allow it. For some reason, I can’t leave the two of you alone.” He shocked himself with his own words, and was slightly irritated that this girl made him open up so much. He knew this had to be a good sign, but deep down he was still worried about getting too close before the Games started. However, currently it didn’t seem like he was going to be able to stop it…
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