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Default Meloetta Contest: PO Challenge [Open] Ends on Oct 3rd

Meloetta Contest: PO Challenge[/size]

Welcome everyone! This thread is to inform you that the Meloetta Contest has begun! This means that you can now partake in the events! The PO event will include battling on PO. You will assemble a team with one Meloetta in it. The other Pokemon are up to you. All tiers apply with Meloetta excluded. No ubers.
All competitive battling rules apply, as well as PE2K rules.

You may have as many battles as you like, but you may ONLY SUBMIT UP TO 3 LOGS. Your log(s) will be judged and the ones that place will receive prizes!

Everyone gets a participation prize, so be sure to participate!

Submission ends Wednesday October 3rd, 2012. Be sure to get your battles on! Good luck to all!

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