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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

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Crystal wasn't surprised to see a red Gyarados, perhaps just s little shocked at who was able to catch one. Nonetheless she wasn't surprised that her opponent chose a water-type. Half of her Kanto team was made of fire Pokémon, her strongest being her black Charizard. Perhaps that was the Pokémon Kenta thought she was going to use. The fire-type starter was still one of her strongest and most trusted, however she had a different plan in mind this time.

She detached a Pokéball off of her belt, obviously more well-kept than Kenta's, before she tossed it with a quick flick of her wrist. After the light subsided a small purple and cream color rodent appeared. He stood on his hind legs, showing the black collar with a white pendant around his neck. When he opened his eyes, his red irises to look over the opponent of this battle.

Spinel was rather shocked with the choice the elite trainer chose. She has not seen much of the Rattata's battles in tournaments, but she has seen him preform in contests. Despite his size he was fast and powerful, more so than it's evolved form. She instantly recognized the Everstone that was on his collar, a similar, if not smaller, one that was on her Totodile's wristband. The young trainer turned to the two Pokémon that stood by her, seeing that Ren was just as suprised to see the normal-type being chosen while Persian seemed to have expected it.

"You'll be battling Puck, the first Pokémon I caught on my journey."

The Rattata then turned back to Crystal, almost looking bored. "This is my opponent? He may be a rare color, but I doubt this Gyarados will be that much of a challenge." A pause with an almost dramatic sigh. "Well, if they are confident in their abilities, let's give them a performance that won't soon be forgotten."

The blue haired trainer chuckled. "Now then, let's see how well you raised your Pokémon. We'll give you the first move."
OoC: Jaye, feel free to bunny Crystal and Puck in your post to lengthen it if you have ideas. And also, @Fluffeh, if you'd like I'm sure Jaye won't mind if you have Kotone drop by and watch the battle. I'm sure a Gyarados battling a Rattata would attract some attention X3
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