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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
I guess I should do it in RP too. XD

"Excuse me, but I'm new here, where is the laboratory?"

No one responded.

Ugh, no signs, no anything! How am I even supposed to get there...

I accidentally bump into a woman and drop my training registrations.

"O-oh, I'm so sorry!"

"Oh, ha ha, it's fine. Are those yours?"

"Yes! I'm looking for Professor Cedar, but I just can't seem to find her..."

"Oh, well, I guess you're in luck then, because I'm right here! Let me lead you to my laboratory."

"Oh, thank you!"

The two finally arrive into the laboratory. Eti Molo comes in right behind us.

"Are you here to receive your starter too?"

Eti was so excited he didn't even hear me. We both filled out the form.

Name: Corey Ty
Starter Pokemon: Cyndaquil

I hand it in jittery. I'm about to receive my first Pokemon!
You don't have to do it in roleplay form if you don't want, it's up to you!

Professor Cedar

"Now for you, Corey. A Cyndaquil, huh? Nice choice, I have just the one!" Professor Cedar slips the completed registration form into the monitor and a PokeBall drops out of the slot.

"Here you go! Make sure you take good care of the little one." She grabs a few items from the desk and passes them to Corey as well. "This is all you need to get started! Take care and good luck!"

Corey received Cyndaquil, PokeGear v3.0 and 5xPokeBalls. Go ahead and make your trainer record in here.
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