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Default Re: Contest suggestion for pe2k

Originally Posted by Obliveon View Post
Oh. XD Well, it's kinda like a scavenger hunt. Have you ever seen those "Let's Find Pokemon!" books? It's like that. Cram a TON of overlapping pics of Pokemon [that are still recognizable] onto a page or background and have people find specific Pokemon. They can save the image and use paint to circle the needed Pokemon then use Tinypic or something like that to upload it and PM a link to the Mods so there can't be any cheating.
Hehe, sounds like "Where's Waldo?" Only it could be "Where's Mew?" or something. XD

I like the lotto idea. If you found people willing to purchase or supply prizes, that could be an interesting monthly thing.

Also, don't forget about all the DIYers all round the net (like on DA) who make things like plushies, figures, and accessories. Some really awesome wall art too. *nods*
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