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Default Re: Typhlosion Explosion vs. Metal Gear Snivy (REF: 5TailedDemonLizard)

Metal Gear Snivy

[Korra] Azurill (F)
Ability: Thick Fat
HP: 100%
Energy: 93%
Condition: Very Content!

Typhlosion Explosion

[Pup] Riolu (M)
Ability: Steadfast
HP: 86%
Energy: 66%
Condition: Snoozing peacefully.; +2 ATK; PSN, SLP

Round 5

MGS has a very effective plan working for him, and he doesnít want to change it up. Pulling back Korra, he once again releases his Venonat. Reisenís antennae twitch as she sensed the familiar air of the battlefield. The bug chattered quietly as she observed the sleeping Riolu, scraping her feet against the ground as if she was ready to attack him head on.
[Reisen was sent out!]

[Reisen] Venonat (F)
Ability: Compoundeyes
HP: 79%
Energy: 68%
Condition: Back again, eh?;+1 ACC

Sensing the change in the air, Pup began to stir. With a few tired blinks and a yawn, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and pushed himself to his feet. He swayed for a moment, as if still getting used to being awake, before shaking himself off. Hearing his trainerís orders, he let out a heavy sigh. This attack was going to hurt him, but it was worth it. That little gnat had caused him a lot of pain. Closing his eyes, he began to gather up all the energy he could. Pupís body began to glow with a bright yellow aura. A growl rose in Pupís throat before growing into a roar. The energy around him spiked dramatically as he pushed off his paws. He disappeared for a moment, too fast for either trainer or Reisen to see. When he reappeared, Reisen felt her body go cold. The Rioluís face was contorted in a mixture of triumph and pain, and it was obvious this was his last attack. With a mighty howl, Pup slammed his paws into Reisenís head. The yellow energy around him followed the blow and hit the ground with such force that it left a large crater. Both trainers had to throw their arms out to balance themselves. Both watched as the glow around Pup slowly faded and the Riolu fell limp at Reisenís feet. The Venonat stumbled away slightly, gripping its furry head in pain.
[Pup: -87 HP; KO| Reisen: -19 HP]
(Sleep Roll was 2040 where any result less than or equal to 3000 resulted in Pup waking up.)

Reisen had no target, and therefore could not complete her move. The round ended as Typhlosion Explosion recalled his fainted Riolu.

Round 5 End

Metal Gear Snivy

[Reisen] Venonat (F)
Ability: Compoundeyes
HP: 60%
Energy: 68%
Condition OW...!!;+1 ACC

Ref Notes:

- Final Gambit damage = Userís HP (+1) - Targetís Energy
- There is now a crater in the arena
- The first time I wrote the Final Gambit sequence, it was like Gokuís Spirit bomb XD

Pokemon Remaining:

- Reisen (60/68)
- Korra (100/93)
- ???

- ???
- ???

TE, your pokemon please and your moves please.

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