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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Amelia Kozaka,District One/Keiru Kozaka,District One
Training Room->District One Suite->Lunch Room/Solitary Confinement->District One Suite->Lunch Room

Amelia looked at Caitlyn before responding, deep in thought for a moment. "Keiru trained for a few years before stopping. He doesn't particularly like archery, which is surprising since he's still relatively good even now, and he hasn't used a bow in at least five years or more."

Amelia let out a sigh as she looked back at the target, observing her arrows. "I've trained in archery for as long as Keiru has trained with his main weapon of expertise."

Amelia decided she had had enough with archery for now, and placed the bow back in its holder, placing the quiver next to it, and gazed over her shoulder at Caitlyn. "See you some other time."

With that, Amelia walked over to the treadmills, and began a workout. After a while, the tributes were signaled to return to their rooms and prepare for lunch, and Amelia turned off the machine and stepped off of it, wiping her forehead as she did so. She'd pushed herself to the very limit on the treadmill, and she knew she was going to need to do even more to manage in the arena, and her thoughts drifted to the arena as she strolled out of the training room, and entered the District One Suite.

Her prep team swarmed over her instantly, pushing her into the bathroom, and they waited outside around fifteen minutes, after she had sufficiently cleansed herself, and practically dragged her back out, with a towel wrapped around her, barely managing to stay on as she was dragged, and they set about trying to decide on a dress. After what seemed like a few minutes, they pulled out a crimson dress, and pulled the towel off of Amelia, and quickly put the dress on her.

After that, they set about putting her hair up into a ponytail, and when they were done they stepped back, smiles on their face as they observed their 'masterpiece'. Amelia looked down at what she was wearing, a small blush rising on her cheeks at the sight of the figure-hugging red dress, which just covered the knees, before looking back up as a pair of knee-high black boots were shoved into her hands, and she quickly put them on.

A low whistle broke the near silence in the room, and Amelia's attention snapped to the entrance to the suite, where Keiru was stood, a grin plastered on his face.

"Well, aren't you looking beautiful today." Keiru smirked, but his smirk dropped when he saw the facial expression that Amelia's face now adorned, and when she didn't respond to him, he frowned, before shrugging his shoulders.

Keiru disappeared into the bathroom, reappearing minutes later wearing black trousers, with a pale blue cotton t-shirt as well as a brown tweed jacket, with a dark red bow-tie fastened around the top button of his shirt. On his feet were black dress shoes, and he fiddled with the bow-tie for a moment, before looking up at Amelia who had an eyebrow raised at his outfit, and she spoke to him for the first time in a while.

"A bow-tie, really?" Amelia asked.

"Bow-ties are cool." Keiru responded. "Come now, lunch awaits."

Amelia was instantly back into her shell, not speaking or looking at Keiru as the two of them headed to the lunch room, Keiru calmly strolling whilst Amelia walked several paces ahead of him, and she entered before him, disappearing off to the food area and grabbed her food, before making her way to a table on her own. Keiru strolled in several seconds later, a grin plastered on his face as he walked over to the area to grab his food, grabbing a banana, a plate of pancakes, some fish fingers and a bowl of custard, before heading towards the table Amelia was on, but a quick glare from her brought him to raise an eyebrow, before dropping himself down onto an empty table, an angry look on his face as he glared down at his food, but the look was gone within moments as he began to eat the pancakes.

He noticed out of the corner of his eye the two Peacekeepers who had moved themselves to be standing at a close enough distance to Keiru to restrain him if he caused a ruckus, and a smirk rose on his features as he shook his head. Keiru spotted Brandon and Christian who had already arrived, and noticed they were sat on the same table, along with their partners, deep in conversation. Keiru looked back down at his meal and continued to eat it, the food gone within a few minutes.

As a hint this is what Keiru is wearing Clicky
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