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Selena Celeste Velrona Pelereuse Mondove
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Rafu, Dan Magnus, Flynt, Kamaitachi

It took the grass serpent a moment to realize where the voice was coming from. Selena glanced downwards into the face of a golden Buizel. Her sleepy mind registered the Pokemon as her superior; something in the back of her mind briefly made her wonder why she let the smaller, disadvantaged Pokemon order her around, but her subconscious failed to make her care. It didn't take much energy to realize she was to weak to argue or fight. She shrank back until she was looking up at Richard from below. He continued to berate her, tasking her with the job of repairing the ship's leaks and bailing, with the threat of cut rations. Even half-asleep, she could remember the sensation of hunger, and she quickly nodded her head, before realizing the appropriate.

"Er, yes sir. Right away, sir." She slithered past him towards the entrance to the lower decks, grabbing a bucket of tar with her tail as she dropped. The deck smelled of sweat and salt, and Selena plugged her nose disdainfully. She didn't enjoy spending much time below; it made her feel claustrophobic at times. She passed through crates and barrels in search of leaks and soon found several. With a vine she pasted the smaller holes in tar and sealed them off. She developed a rhythm as she worked, allowing her mind to consider what had just happened. Though indignant at her treatment, she realized, with a yawn, that she would save anger for a time when she was less sleepy.

Selena's thoughts changed when she found her first large pool of water. She growled softly, unsure how to handle it without coming in contact with the water. The Serperior bent her nose to the water, staring into it with a mixture of fear and curiosity. She soon ave out to the latter and touched it, shrinking back at its cold touch. Selena shook off the droplets and set down her tar, searching for an empty bucket. What she found was small for bailing. She was forced to slither back and forth several trips, until the puddle finally vanished. In a flourish of triumph she swiped tar over the hole and moved on happily.


Mercy Burnstone
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Starwisher Sea --> Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Rafu, Dan Magnus, Flynt, Kamaitachi

Mercy was surprised to see the Serperior back down so quickly. She checked the serpent's aura and found it still blipping with sleep, though the general feeling was of mild annoyance. Mercy looked back at Richard, glowing with approval and giving him a subtle nod before returning to the helm. The island grew larger as they neared, until she felt as though she could reach out and touch it. The sight of it filled her with an inexplicable joy.

She was smiling as she called out to the crew. "We'll be reaching our destination shortly."
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