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Default Re: Elemental Fighters

Name (first and last): Rebel Mist
Age (12-18): 16
Appearance (be thorough): He's 6'4 with lightning yellow hair, a yellow tee shirt with a black jacket with jagged yellow stripes, and cargo type pants with a pixalated camouflage design with black and yellow.
History (optional, but be detailed): His father was murdered while on a mission during the war. Rebel was brought to the sacred Island when he was 6. Since then he's been training with his father's weapons.
Element: Storm
Weopen(s): steel gauntlets around his wrists. they are black in color and tunnel his element in them allowing him to change between close range attacks and long range attacks. he has a sword by his side in case someone manages to wrestle his gauntlets away from him as his element tends to go in all directions without his gauntlets.
Personality: he's a loner preferring to stick by himself. He doesn't put up with bullies and stand up to them if it's necessary. He's quiet but quite deadly already but almost useless without his weapons.
Other Details: N/A
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